If you’re a construction contractor, then you already know how important it is to put together an accurate bid when you’re trying to win a contract. If you sell yourself short, you might end up making little or no profit on a job. While learned experience helps when it comes to judging a fair bid, technological tools have advanced to the point where businesses can use them to organize and streamline a bid. PlanHub is a cloud-based software designed to help general contractors and subcontractors with all aspects of a construction project, including the bidding process. Using PlanHub in conjunction with an estimating software comes with many advantages, including improved accuracy, organization, and speed.

1. Accuracy

How many times have you thought your bid was squared away, only to discover too late that you’d made a simple error in your math? Estimation software double checks your work and ensures that the totals you come up with are as accurate as possible, given all the information you have available about the job you’re bidding on.

2. Organization

Consideration of a project bid is more than just the number that shows up on the final line of the paperwork. It’s about how the subcontractor reached that number and quality of work that matters. A general contractor reading through your bid needs to be able to clearly follow your pitch on why your company is best-suited to the task. Being able to relay this information accurately can move your bid to the top of the list.

3. Speed

Time is money when it comes to winning a bid. Estimating software programs, compared to excel, allow you to make bids quickly, but more importantly they allow you to submit your bids quickly. That speed can be the advantage you have over the other companies trying to win the same contract. To learn more about PlanHub and how it can help you effectively manage your next construction project, contact us today. If you’re looking for a great estimation software tool, we recommend our partner, STACK.


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