3 Organization Tips for Subcontractors

February 12, 2020

Undoubtedly, being a subcontractor entails adhering to strict timelines. As such, staying organized is an essential part of the job. Regardless, when you have to juggle between meetings, visiting job sites, and managing a demanding workforce, such a task can become overwhelming. Below are three tips to help you stay organized as a subcontractor.

1. Paperwork Organization

Paperwork is among the biggest headaches for subcontractors. Indeed, many subcontractors spend countless hours looking for files and other documents. Consequently, this concern not only wastes time but also decreases productivity. Often, you might be torn between keeping paper files or adapting electronic solutions. As a savvy subcontractor, an electronic option is suitable because it saves you time, space, as well as helps you avoid other inconveniences.

Yet, some documents, such as site information, maps, invoices, and business purchases, must retain a hard copy. For that purpose, you can use expandable files, cabinets, and binders. What’s more, ensure that you securely back up your electronic documents to curb the loss of pertinent information.

2. Tools and Equipment Organization

Tools and equipment are vital to your job, and when you keep them organized, you give your business a solid footing to grow. Equally important, keeping tools in an orderly manner ensures that not only are your staff members safe, but the tools are also accessible when you need them, saving you time and money. Invest in cabinets, toolboxes, drawers, etc. to keep your tools and equipment organized.

3. Bring Your Practice to the 21st Century

Don’t be a 19th-century subcontractor in the 21st century. Hence, avoid being the last to adapt to the latest gadgets and technologies in the market. You can bring your practice to the forefront by using industry-specific technologies that support you in becoming more organized.

An excellent place for you to start is by embracing leading technology that avails an online plan room. PlanHub is a free, cloud-based solution that lets you share data and files on projects with your general contractor. Our software delivers time efficiency while also saving you money and significantly advancing your productivity. To learn more about PlanHub and its benefits, contact us today.


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