A lot of responsibility comes with being a general contractor. There are deadlines, unpredictable customers, financial pressures, not to mention sifting through bids to find the most reliable subcontractors to work for you. PlanHub has developed a list of essential elements of a bid, as well as vital qualities of a subcontractor, in order to help you get through this process and end up with the right people on your team. Here are some important factors to consider:
  1. LOCATION – Be sure that the subcontractor is able to get to the specified work site when he or she is needed. The lack of navigational planning could cause complications in the project.
  2. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS – Confirm that the subcontractor has met the requirements of and has a solid background in working on your particular project.
  3. EXPERTISE – You will definitely want to find out if the subcontractor has the skills he or she needs in order to successfully complete the project. This could save you a lot of time and money in the future.
  4. GOOD SAFETY RECORD – Keeping the work site safe and preventing injuries are vital to successfully completing a project. Before you hire a subcontractor, be sure to check his or her safety record.
In addition, there are also a few other things to consider, such as ability to work as a team, dependability and reliability, and the skill of completing tasks in a timely manner. If you follow these guidelines, you are on track for having a successful business. But why do all of this extra work yourself? PlanHub can take all of the guesswork out of choosing the right subcontractors with our subcontractor software. We filter and find proven subcontractors to do the job and give you the flexibility of choosing the subcontractors that you want and inviting them to bid on your project. Contact us when you are ready to start your next project.


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