Any construction project owner knows the massive amount of communications involved and the often bulky file sharing among all the professionals involved – designers, architects, project planners, construction workers, suppliers, etc. With this overwhelming amount of paper sharing involved, you can end up wasting a lot of valuable time. Digital Asset Management are platforms where you can store, access, and distribute digital assets with ease. Digital Asset Management is your best bet for seamless management of your digital files. One such platform is PlanHub, a software that can help contractors and subcontractors stay updated on all aspects of a project.

1. Smoother Approval Processes

With all your essential files in the same repository, it’s easier to find a document, seek authorization from a higher authority, and keep things moving, as opposed to searching through endless documents and delaying work functions.

2. Faster Workflows

Digital Asset Management provides a unified connection between and among all parties involved. Everyone in the team is updated on the project’s work processes and expenditures. This helps to reduce inefficiencies that would arise out of gaps in project knowledge.

3. Improved Collaborations

Digital Asset Management provides all users with access to digital materials as soon as they are completed. Thus, it facilitates collaboration and harmony of purpose while ensuring everyone is reading from the same script.

4. Reduces Project Redundancies

Digital Asset Management provides a central control function. This enables more accessible communication and allows all members of the project team to be on the same page at the same time. In return, it reduces the repetition of tasks and eliminates the possibility for expensive redundancies. PlanHub is a Digital Asset Management software that helps contractors and subcontractors alike stay connected and updated on all tasks, resulting in efficiently planned and highly organized projects. For more information, or to request a demo, contact PlanHub today.


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