4 Top Smartphone Apps for Construction Subcontractors

January 10, 2020

Staying on top of your daily tasks using smartphone apps has become pretty common. As a subcontractor who provides specialized skills and services to the completion of construction projects, your ability to provide accurate scheduling and estimates, comply with general contractor specifications, and keep up with changes are essential. Here are four top smartphone apps for construction subcontractors that provide greater efficiency in the field.


Framing and finishing contractors responsible for providing their specific services to a construction job can benefit from this smartphone app’s ability to help convert plan dimensions to board feet estimation. This function allows for providing better estimates and helps avoid construction delays by having the right amount of stock available.


  • User-friendly with on-screen help
  • Metric and imperial unit measurements
  • Calculates volume and price of materials
  • Easily communicate estimates

Roofing Calculator PRO

This app allows roofing contractors to accurately estimate the amount of roofing needed to complete a job. It is adaptable to all types of roofs, the various features included in each, and the amount of expected waste.


  • Fully customizable
  • Calculates material and labor estimates
  • Calculates and saves multiple roofing jobs
  • Ability to export results


To properly create estimates for concrete slabs, footers and columns, make use of this smartphone app. It helps to estimate the total number of cubic yards of concrete you will need using various weights of concrete.


  • Easily saved on your device for offline access
  • Save multiple projects


Our app allows subcontractors of all disciplines to use the same smartphone app for estimating, scheduling, and cost management. It works with the cloud-based PlanHub app for construction general contractors to improve communication and organization between subcontractors and general contractors.


  • User-friendly with excellent support
  • Cloud-based
  • Organizes bids and estimates
  • Communication between general contractors and other subcontractors
  • Out-of-network bidding
  • Free to register and access online plan rooms

Subcontractors are an essential element in the overall construction process. Improved communication between general contractors and subcontractors greatly improves scheduling efficiency and helps reduce cost. Contact us to learn how PlanHub can help subcontractors become more effective members of the construction team.



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