PlanHub Premier Feature Spotlight:  Lead Finder

Finding new project leads and keeping your new project pipeline filled is crucial to a healthy business. Yet, it can be time-consuming — and as a general contractor, there never seems to be enough time to go around. With PlanHub Premier, discovering new project leads has never been simpler.

Lead Finder makes it easier to build a better business

An exclusive PlanHub Premier feature, Lead Finder shows you pre-design- and design-stage projects.  Now, you have access before projects go to bid, in an easy-to-use project list view. PlanHub Premier helps you increase sales with access to the newest building construction projects available — including hard to find private projects. You can even view complete contact information for owners and architects. 


Find more jobs. Win more bids. Grow revenue.

PlanHub Premier is the end-to-end preconstruction platform that makes it faster and easier than ever to estimate and win more deals — so you can build a better business at every touchpoint. To find out all the ways that a PlanHub Premier membership makes preconstruction fast, convenient, easy — and more profitable —from start to finish, schedule a demo today.

Watch a quick tutorial video to see how Lead Finder can help you grow your business.


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