An Easier Way to Plan Construction Projects

General Contractors
December 4, 2019

The construction industry is built on the foundation of licensed workers all across the globe. The responsibilities and potential dangers of the job make all of the licenses and certifications needed to become an official contractor an absolute necessity. Becoming an official contractor takes three to five years of trade school, apprenticeships, and academic work. These are essential barriers to make sure that every contractor is thoroughly trained, knowledgeable, and able to provide high-quality services.

But finding licensed workers is only a piece of the construction process. A stable platform for collaboration and planning is needed to make the building phase of construction go as smoothly as possible.

PlanHub Benefits for General Contractors

PlanHub is a cloud-based bid management application that expedites the bidding process that precedes all construction projects. It’s an accessible one-stop shop for general contractors to share files, communicate with multiple subcontractors simultaneously, and receive bids to get their proposal together.

General contractors who use PlanHub as their bid management software for their construction business see clear benefits in many areas, such as an increased number of construction bids, lowered construction costs, the ability to bid on projects outside their typical construction area, and the ability to track the general interest in a project by keeping a record of every subcontractor that has viewed or downloaded a specific project.

PlanHub Benefits for Subcontractors

PlanHub is also designed with the needs of subcontractors in mind, giving workers access to project files, a direct messaging system to their general contractor, and a wider pool of potential projects in which to bid. With the number of easy-to-use features and affordable projects offered, it’s comes as no surprise that PlanHub is the fastest growing bid management and construction plan room in the United States. We are confident that PlanHub can help your business become more successful by making the construction bidding process seamless.

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