Any construction business out there knows the value of a dependable subcontractor. They can help take some of the workload off your shoulders and often allow you to bring your jobs in under budget and on-schedule. However, it’s important to remember that subcontractors need to have all their paperwork in order before you bring them onto a project. Otherwise you’re the one who’s going to be in trouble.

What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

While the requirements for licensing and certification will vary from state to state according to Learn, it’s still important that your subcontractors be properly licensed before they start work on any of your projects. Otherwise you could end up with:
  • Shoddy Work. The end product is what you stake your reputation on as a company. Someone who isn’t certified may not be able to deliver quality work, and worse, it may not be up to code. In either case, it will likely need to be redone.
  • Unsafe Working Conditions. If someone isn’t licensed, then it’s entirely possible they don’t really know what they’re doing. This can lead to serious accidents, from structural failures to electrical mishaps, depending on what job the subcontractor is supposed to be doing.
  • Running Over Time. You want to deliver your project on a schedule, but unlicensed subcontractors may not be able to properly estimate how long it will take them to complete a project, throwing your timetable off kilter.
  • Fines and Jail Time. Contracting without a license is a misdemeanor crime that comes with a $500 fine or 6 months in jail. If you hire multiple unlicensed contractors, these charges and fines can quickly add up.
At the end of the day, hiring unlicensed subcontractors just isn’t worth the potential risks. It’s much better for you, your company, and your clients if you make sure that everyone on your team has the right licenses and certifications to do their jobs. For more information about finding qualified subcontractors quickly, simply contact us today!


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