Regardless of the phase of a construction project, working in winter conditions comes with a special set of hazards. Fortunately, PlanHub is here to help with all project types. With careful planning and by taking precautions and using common sense, the result of a winter construction project is a job well done, free of health risks and safety incidents.

Winter Construction Hazards

The obvious risks to manage in winter are extreme cold temperatures and slippery conditions. There are also the dangers of collapsing structures, electrocution and carbon monoxide poisoning to consider.

Cold Weather Risks

Hypothermia, frostbite, and trench foot are symptoms of failing to stay warm and dry. Avoid working long hours in damp clothing and footwear. Make sure you stay hydrated and stay out of the wind as much as possible. Work with a partner so you can monitor one another’s condition.

Slippery Conditions

Falls are the most common causes of construction site injuries. These accidents increase significantly with the presence of snow and ice. Keep the work site area clear. Wear boots with good rubber treads. Be more cautious of maintaining traction across snowy surfaces. Remember that your ladders, scaffolding, skids and equipment are subject to the same slippery conditions. This also applies to driving equipment and construction vehicles – take extra care on icy roads.

Heavy Snow

The weight from several inches of snow on a roof or deck can cause it to collapse and in snow, it’s easier to come into contact with electrical lines or damaged extension cords buried from view. Ensure you are using proper fall protection equipment and clear snow from the ground level, using long-handled snow rakes.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Using equipment and/or heaters in enclosed areas with no fresh air circulation can be dangerous and can put workers at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Use electric equipment outdoors where possible and keep fuel-burning equipment at a distance from the building.

Plan With PlanHub

With over 20 years of construction experience, at PlanHub we are aware of the conditions you face on and off the work site. Our goal is to improve the experience for both general contractors and subcontractors in multiple ways. To learn more about how PlanHub can help ease your winter project experience, contact us today.


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