Located in Fort Meade, Florida, is Stripe It Rite, a pavement company specializing in asphalt seal coating, pavement striping, and marking. With 35 years of paving experience, Stripe It Rite serves clients within a 100-mile radius of their base in central Florida. PlanHub connected with Stripe It Rite Business Development and Estimator, Adrian, about how our software has elevated their business. ​

“Discussing project details with potential leads is made easy for Subcontractors with PlanHub’s simplified direct messaging. “You don't have to do a lot of digging to be able to have a conversation with your potential new client”, says Adrian.

He continues, “For instance, somebody may send a bid for a Walmart renovation, and in conversation with them, they find out what we do and where we operate. They mention they have another job that's actually already underway, ask us for a price, and the conversation just nets these other opportunities for us”. This is a prime example of the possibilities that PlanHub’s vast network of General Contractors can offer Subcontractors.

"Joining PlanHub has increased our revenue stream by over 15%"

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