As your bidding capacity grows, so does the size and scope of your projects. This means dealing with more, and larger subcontractors. Your project manager communicates with their project manager, who, in turn, communicates with their general superintendent about scheduling. When their scheduled big day arrives, you NEED every subcontractor to be there in full force exactly when you need them. When you’ve scheduled every subcontractor and every material delivery to perfection, just one delay or slow start can set the entire project behind and bring everything else grinding to a halt. All too often, this is a matter of having too many cooks in the kitchen and relying on too many points of communication to follow through. With PlanHub Instant Messaging, you can know with absolute certainty that every team member assigned to your project from every single subcontractor have all received every message regarding your project. In a departure from the longstanding tradition of never knowing who the actual, on the ground project foreman will be for each subcontractor, you can have them assigned before a bid is accepted and begin to communicate effectively with every team member immediately. Anyone who has been in the business long enough knows that one subcontractor: they have skilled people and produce excellent work… if you could just get them to start their projects on time. The more complex your project, the less wiggle room you have for these kinds of errors. Knowing that all parties are in sync and receiving every scheduling communication can go a long way toward solving this age-old problem. Take the wait and worry out of your next project. With PlanHub software and Instant Messaging, your field superintendents will never waste another minute standing outside their office trailer, watching the street, wondering when that subcontractor truck is going to pull in, and who is going to be behind the wheel. Contact PlanHub today and discover what our bid management system can do for coordinating your next project.


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