Busy contractors are always bidding, and often you need to bid on multiple projects simultaneously in order to keep your pipeline full. However, when you are busy bidding, it can be tough to track all the bid due dates, especially if several projects are bidding on the same day. When you have multiple projects on your bidding list and bid dates are changing, as they always do, you may drop the ball and accidentally miss a bid deadline because you forgot to write it down or change it in your calendar. Missing a bid deadline often means you are out of the running, costing you potential work. PlanHub’s new Bid Calendar tool lets you track all your bid dates in one place. It shows you the bid deadlines for all the projects you are following, so you never have to guess when a bid is due. The Bid Calendar also syncs with your electronic calendars and will notify you when bid dates are updated. Never miss a bid deadline again using Bid Calendar. It tracks the deadlines for you and leaves you more time to bid on projects and win more work. The Bid Calendar tool is part of PlanHub’s new Bid Navigator toolset, which is available to Premier Package users. See a video demonstration of the Bid Navigator suite of tools. If you’d like to get a free 7-day trial of PlanHub’s Premier package, including Bid Navigator, sign up today.


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