New Trend in Commercial Construction: Vertical Forests Are Growing in Popularity

General Contractors
December 18, 2019

Urban areas are often thought of as directly opposed to nature, with concrete, glass, and steel being the yin to greenery’s yang. However, a new trend has emerged that is attempting to bring the forests back into cities without sacrificing any real estate to do so. The trend is called vertical forests, and it seems to be here to stay.

The New Green Construction?

A vertical forest is more than just a building with some plants to accessorize it; they have actual trees on their exteriors. The Trudo vertical forest construction in the Netherlands will host over 125 trees, and more than 5,000 total plants, as an example. The Penda timber high-rise slated for the middle of Toronto will look like a tree in the middle of the city, with over 18 stories of mixed-use units. These buildings have been tested throughout China, and they’re spreading all around the world.

But what do these vertical forests actually do? What’s making them so popular, and why are so many construction firms taking on this unique task that didn’t exist all that long ago?

Advantages of Vertical Forests

One reason for their popularity is that vertical forests come with several advantages. The first advantage is the unique appearance of these buildings. A vertical forest stands out in a concrete landscape, and it makes the construction more unique. However, these structures also serve practical purposes, including:

  • Reducing pollution
  • The ability to cool the building naturally
  • Providing more fresh air in urban environments that often lack fresh air

If a city boasts multiple vertical forests, they can have a serious effect on climate change and emissions, without taking up any space on the ground. In short, they seem like an ideal solution for a lot of the problems faced by city dwellers who’ve been looking for a way to be greener without giving up horizontal space.

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