As a general contractor, a non-performing subcontractor can be a major cause for concern and unless you address the matter relatively quickly, can easily derail a project. With PlanHub, you can easily request bids and search through multiple subcontractors to ensure you’re hiring quality workers that fit the needs of your project.

Benefits of Requesting Bids from Multiple Subcontractors

1. Reduce Costs
First and foremost, when you solicit several bids, you get a better idea of the price range, which helps you in identifying the outliers and reducing any surprise costs. Subsequently, you can use price as a primary factor when selecting subcontractors. Other incidental conditions that may play a part in this determination will include communication, creativity, and flexibility.
2. Find New Talent/Relationships
Often, it might take you a while before you can get subcontractors that are the right fit for a particular project—more so when you take into account the varying timelines, scopes, and at times, the demand for specialized tools or application of materials. Fundamentally, bringing in new talent to the fold is crucial to a firm’s culture and success. Equally, when you’re assessing the efficacy of each subcontractor, you should consider the ability of each professional to deliver on the project’s requirements. As such, you’re better placed to determine whether the sub you choose to engage in a specific task has the necessary expertise, knowledge, and resources the role demands. Ultimately, it helps to listen to proposed solutions from different subcontractors. Based on your budget plus your current operational procedures, you can evaluate the practicality of the various solutions before you establish a mutual working relationship.
3. Better Understand Timeline Capacities
It’s a fact that project timelines help you to visualize schedules. Thus, assisting you to breakdown tasks over different phases of a project’s lifecycle. Primarily, this approach is useful in gauging progress at a glance. It’s therefore essential to bring on board subcontractors with a proven ability to adhere to schedules and also subcontractors that can track work from their team. Inviting bids from several subcontractors allows you to make better-informed timeline assessments. This approach is substantially helpful when you’re seeking solutions for a demanding project that needs contingency plans. As a savvy general contractor, you always need to exercise caution when choosing a subcontractor. With so many factors to consider, research, and identify in regard to subcontractors, it’s well worth your time to post your projects on PlanHub to request bids. PlanHub allows you access to a rich pool of subcontractors to ensure you’re hiring the best for your project. To learn more about our software, or to request a demo, contact us today. ‍


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