PlanHub Premier Feature Spotlight:  Shareable Projects Page

You’ve met a new subcontractor at an industry event — and they seem to be an ideal fit for one or more of the projects you are currently estimating. Or, maybe you just want to get the word out about the exciting projects you are working on. Whatever your motivation, PlanHub is making it simpler than ever.

Right from your dashboard, you can get your own URL that allows you to share a list of all your public projects with whomever you want. Under the settings icon at the top of your dashboard, go to your Company profile. You’ll be able to copy a personal URL and share it on your website, through texts, social media and more. Anyone with the link can select a project from the list, review details and documentation — and submit a bid.

Keep in mind that your Private Planrooms won’t be in this list — those are still private, as you designated them to be. Only projects you chose to be “public” will show up in your Shareable Page.

Find more jobs. Win more bids. Grow revenue.

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