Working as a subcontractor can be an exciting career; however, it comes with a lot of responsibility – not just finding jobs, but also ensuring that your team is safe. It is imperative to plan ahead and be prepared for any mishaps that could come your way, so having the right insurance and the appropriately trained workers for the job are essential for your success.
Cover with Insurance
One of the most important things to consider is having insurance for your business to cover workers’ potential injuries and property damage. General contractors and homeowners aren’t necessarily required to pay for either of these when they happen to a subcontractor team, so if one of your workers is hurt on the job, or if there is damage to the property as a result of your team’s work, you may be responsible for the bill. At the minimum, you should have Worker’s Compensation and General Liability coverage. Planning ahead and securing yourself for unforeseen situations can save you a lot in the long run.
Bid with Safety in Mind
When you are ready to make a bid, take notice of any potential safety issues that have been noted on historical documents or appear on the specs for the project. Point out how you will address these, so you can avoid problems and your team will be aware of them before starting work. Be sure that there is a solid safety plan in place.
Plan for What Could Go Wrong
Depending on your construction sector, faulty wiring could cause a fire, gas lines could rupture causing an explosion, a worker may fall from a ladder, insufficient lighting could lead to personal injury, and even bad weather could add to unsafe working conditions. Taking time to consider potentially dangerous situations before your team even gets to the job site could keep someone from getting hurt. Having a good safety plan in place is essential to the success of your business, but it is also just as important to be insured as a subcontractor. Most insurance companies have General Liability plans available at affordable rates, so it is worth your time to look into the options. That small investment could not only help you get better jobs for your company but may also save you thousands of dollars in the future. For more information on contract work, and managing your bids and details effectively, contact us today; we will be happy to help!


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