Tackle the Right-Sized Jobs with Planning

April 10, 2019

As in any other industry, construction has projects ranging in size from small to large. Sometimes, you may find it hard as a subcontractor to win a job bid that is the exact size as your business needs. Some jobs might seem too small while others might seem too big. In this case, you must roll with the punches. You can’t reject a job just because it doesn’t feel worth your efforts or is too intimidating.

What If the Job Seems Too Small?

If you already have a lot of work on your hands and you can’t really fit in anymore, then yes, it’s okay to reject a job, especially if it’s too small. However, if you don’t have that much work on your schedule, then it’s wise to take on a job that comes your way. Even if the job seems to be a small, simple one, it’ll benefit you to do it. This will add to your experience and project work showcase. After all, several smaller jobs can add up to a medium-sized or large-sized job in the longer run!

What If the Job Seems Too Large?

If the job seems a bit large, you might feel a little hesitant to take it on. What if you’re not able to handle it? What if you run into problems when it comes to estimating or drafting? What if you don’t have that many workers on your payroll, and you end up taking too long to finish the job?

You can dissolve some of your concerns with proper planning in estimating and drafting work with a bid management system. This will help you in two ways:

  • First, it will help you to stay within the budget you propose, which will be much appreciated. Indirectly, it will also help you to maintain good business relationships.
  • Secondly, it will also help you when it comes to physically doing the work. When you put in more effort into estimating the cost of the work, then your initial figures are going to be more accurate. You’ll have a proper breakdown of the expenses, which can be helpful to you while the job progresses. When you have this kind of detail in front of you, you can tackle a job that initially seemed overwhelmingly large.

Any project is good for your portfolio and bottom line, so don’t be daunted. Instead, budget and plan ahead with the right tools to bid, organize, and work with confidence. Contact us for more information about working with our bid management and plan room software to take on and keep track of any sized project!


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