As global warming and climate change become pressing issues worldwide, different industries are dealing with the challenge by embracing more environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient processes and operations. Consequently, the construction industry is increasingly adopting green construction in a bid to build responsibly, reduce waste, and conserve the environment. This development builds upon the understanding that a building can have a significant effect on the natural environment and the inhabitants of the building. Conversely, these designs aim to have positive outcomes for both the environment and its inhabitants.

Features of Green Construction

Any construction project, whether a home, office, hospital,or community center, can involve green construction if various features are met. Features of green building’s include:
  • Efficient use of energy, water, and other resources
  • Use of renewable energy like solar or geothermal energy
  • Waste reduction measures such as reuse and recycling
  • Excellent indoor air quality
  • Use of non-toxic, ethical and sustainable materials
  • Design, construction, and operation that considers the quality of life for occupants and environment

5 Types of Green Construction

1.     Net-zero energy ready. This type of green construction uses fossil fuels for heating. 2.     Net-zero energy. This generates enough power on site to satisfy its demand. 3.     Net-zero carbon. Uses low carbon energy coupled with fossil fuels. 4.     Zero carbon. This type of green construction uses low-carbon fuels only. 5.     Zero carbon and grid-interactive. Fossil fuels on site and generation and load are optimized to meet grid needs.

Benefits of Green Construction

Green construction is witnessing a surge in popularity because of its numerous advantages over non-green buildings. Several benefits of green construction include:
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Energy efficiency
  • Better health outcomes for occupants since safe materials are used
  • Reduce strain on natural resources
  • Contribute to environmental sustainability
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Increase property value
Green construction is the future and in the fast-paced construction industry, it pays to be ahead of the pack. Join the early adopters of green construction and leverage on its appeal to achieve a competitive edge. Tools like PlanHub can help you plan your green construction project, offering you a platform for sharing project files and information. To stay up to date on construction industry trends, or to learn more about our software and its benefits, contact us today!


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