The Importance of Clear and Timely Communication in Construction Projects

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January 9, 2019

There were three roommates who lived together in an apartment, and they communally took care of a cat. Each roommate had their own schedule to stick to (work, school, life), but they would try to feed the cat when they could. The problem they ran into was that since the cat ate single-serving cans of wet food, there would be some days where all three roommates would feed the cat. Once they realized the mistake they’d been making, they set up a dry-erase board so that whoever ended up filling the greedy little feline’s bowl could mark it down, ensuring the others didn’t do the same.

What Does This Have to Do with Construction?

This story is a lesson on communication, and how even if individuals are doing what they think is right, their efforts can lead to serious problems, waste of resources, and making things worse. The same thing can happen on a construction project when you have a communication breakdown. Workers must communicate with their bosses. Additionally, bosses need to communicate with the client to make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the state of the project, and everyone should know what you need to do moving forward. Otherwise, you could end up having to redo work you thought was completed because it isn’t what the client actually wants.

Be Clear and Concise: It Saves Time!

When you work in construction, it’s important to make sure that everyone has the same image of the work being done. That’s why a blueprint is so useful, as it ensures everyone is visually seeing the same thing and agreeing that it is what they want. Don’t stop there, though. Come up with a schedule, set regular meetings, and provide updates to be sure that everyone is still onboard with the direction a project is going, the progress that’s being made, and the solutions to any problems that arise. It might take you just five minutes to make a phone call and have a quick clarification conversation, which is infinitely preferable to finding out the client disagrees with a decision you made last week, so now you must backtrack, undoing all the work that went up, and then going in a different direction entirely.

Clear communication is the bedrock of a successful project, and PlanHub’s construction plan room and project management software can help you and your team keep everything in order. From bids, project documents, communication lines, and more, we have the solution for your next construction project. For more information on how PlanHub can help keep your communication lines open, contact us today!

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