In the recent past, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been the talk of town in the construction industry. There is a lot of confusion about building information modelling and how it can help contractors. One of the most common misconceptions is that it only involves 3D design in its usability. Although 3D models the core of BIM models, BIM does not ultimately entail 3D. BIM is a process which is supported by other tools and technologies, for creating and managing all information about a project and leading to a model known as a building information model, which contains all the digital aspects of the physical plan. BIM allows the project to be built virtually before it is physically constructed hence eliminating chances of errors.

1. Better Collaboration and Communication

BIM gives you the privilege to easily share and collaborate with others. With too many cloud-based tools, BIM collaboration has been made easy opening up sharing of ideas across all the disciplines involved. This means that all the stakeholders involved will be have some insight into the project.

2. Model-Based Estimations

As a subcontractor or a general contractor, you might have noticed that including accurate price estimations allows you to plan effectively. While using BIM, you can easily focus on the more valuable factors, such as identifying construction assemblies and factoring risks.

3. Preconstruction Project Visualization

By using BIM technology, you get a clear image of the entire project before you even start the job. Having the virtual image will minimize the chances of making expensive changes during construction since any errors will have been addressed.

4. Reduced Cost and Mitigated Risks

By the use of BIM, you can rest assured of a good return on investment. Closer collaborations with contractors will lead to fewer overall variations, lower insurance costs, tender risks premium and fewer opportunities for a claim. With more and more construction companies recognizing the benefits of Building Information Modeling, a demand for subcontractors and general contractors with BIM experience is increasing. PlanHub is a cloud-based software that helps connect general contractors and subcontractors. Using PlanHub’s invite system, general contractors can easily find subcontractors with BIM experience and invite them to bid on their project. For more information about out software, contact us today!


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