What’s New: Bid Analytics Dashboard has Arrived

General Contractors
Product Update
June 14, 2022

Boost efficiency by tracking incoming project bids, faster!

We can agree that project visibility for general contractors is essential in the pre-construction phase.

Common Headache

Managing multiple incoming bids for active projects simultaneously can be a challenge for general contractors when not organized properly. This can lead to missing out on competitive bids.


Planhub recently conducted a research study specifically asking general contractors “What will help you manage bids better?”

Answer.. “one centralized place where I can see all bids per project”

New Solution

Planhub has developed a bid analytics dashboard to help general contractors gain a better understanding of their project’s behavior such as how many subs have viewed, downloaded and bid on a project.

Designed to provide key performance metrics… quicker!

General contractors can now view:

  • Total # of projects
  • Total # of views
  • Total # of ITBs received
  • Total # of active projects by statuses
  • Total # of SCs by State .. and much more!

Check out other features our general contractors love

  • Unlimited project documents and access anywhere, anytime
  • Post unlimited projects and make unlimited connections



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