Our Latest Update
General Contractors can now share a Project’s bid status with Subcontractors.
The Issue
Information is key to developing strong relationships between General Contractors and Subcontractors but sometimes it is hard getting the word out. The new General Contractor Awarded Status feature helps GCs and Subs be on the same page when it comes to the status of a project.
New Features
GCs now can quickly inform the status of their projects by selecting if they have been awarded a project by updating the project information. This information is now visible to PlanHub Premier users under the General Contractors section of each Project Details page.  Subcontractors can segment results by using the new tabs called Awarded and Not Awarded or see all General Contractors under the ‘All’ tab. Within this tab, users can distinguish who was awarded and who wasn’t with an easy color-guided banner sign over each GC’s information.  
  • Awarded GC card has a green banner
  • Not Awarded GC cards have a dark blue banner
  • Pending status GC Cards have a grey banner
Mock up of new PlanHub GC Awarded Feature
Benefits for GCs
With the new awarded feature General Contractors can keep all their subcontractors updated, faster. This will help their network of Subs become more engaged on existing and future projects. Better informed Subs are more (1) engaged and (2) more likely to bid again in new projects
Benefits for Subcontractors
The PlanHub Premier Subcontractor experience just got even better! Every time a General Contractor adds their bidding status to a project you are interested in, each Premier Sub user associated with the projects will get a notification to check out the update. Knowing when a GC is awarded provides Subs visibility into the project’s process and allows them to manage their work pipeline more efficiently. Log into PlanHub now to see the new GC Awarded feature.


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