Our Latest Update
PlanHub is constantly working to improve our platform and make the bidding process for contractors easier, faster, and better. We’re excited to share some of our newest features and updates, now available in PlanHub. Our most recent update allows subcontractors and their teams to manage their notifications with more flexibility and personalization.
The Issue
A common issue we’ve noticed estimators having in PlanHub is the number of notifications and updates they receive via email. With the large number of projects they may be researching and bidding on, as well as the number of general contractors they may be in communication with, Estimators shouldn’t spend time sorting through irrelevant emails.
New Features
Simplifying and condensing the notification process is our primary focus. Now, each member of a subcontractor team can filter their notifications by trades and regions of their interest. Now you can better organize your projects and personalize notifications by selecting trades and geographical regions by user. Within the preselected trades and regions chosen by the company, each employee can select their own notifications settings.  Whether one of your estimators working the east side or another is looking for projects in neighboring cities, this new feature allows them to find the right project faster. 
How to Implement
What's New: Personalized Notifications - More Efficient, More Flexible
  • Log in to PlanHub
  • Click on the Setting tab
  • Click on Notifications from the side menu
  • Deselect the trades and regions you are not interested in
  • Click Save Changes
The new notifications filtering feature will help you and your team save time to be more productive!   If you have any additional questions about this update or are having issues with your PlanHub account, please contact us at 1-866-752-6482.


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