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How PlanHub works for general contractors

The no-cost, no-fuss contractor management process for construction managers that helps your team get to work.

Post unlimited projects for free

Upload, organize, and distribute project plans and files.

Invite subcontractors and suppliers

Open bidding to your existing network of subs and PlanHub subcontractors.

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Receive and review bids

Track and evaluate bids in a centralized dashboard.

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Assemble your best bid

Select winning bids and send project updates and plans.

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Build something meaningful

You’ve got the plans and the team. Now it’s time to get to the job site!

Features our general contractors love

Complete bid coverage

Find and connect with construction professionals in every trade specialty your project requires.

Free project posting

Post unlimited projects and make unlimited connections in the construction industry – and never pay a cent.

Cloud-based plan room

Store unlimited project plans, documents and data that you can access anywhere, anytime.

Public or private bidding

Open bidding up to the entire PlanHub community or limit within your network.

Bid search and evaluation

Evaluate the quality of bids based on type, location, coverage, and more.

Centralized dashboard

See all project info in one view – bids, calendar, invoices, instant messaging, and more.

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