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Build and send project cost estimates with greater ease and accuracy.

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Go from measurement
to finished estimate without the hassle.

Create a free PlanHub account to start your Estimation trial.

Say goodbye
to costly estimation errors and data loss.

With Estimation, breaking down a project’s total cost
is easier than ever. Cost item and assembly libraries ensure you can account for and organize each item in one
easy-to-access place. Estimation is also cloud-based, meaning there’s no additional software to download—access your estimations from anywhere and avoid the risk of lost data due to hardware malfunctions.

Go from measurement
to finished estimate
without the hassle.

Estimation integrates with PlanHub’s powerful Takeoff solution, saving you hours of time normally spent entering measurements manually into spreadsheets or other documents. Simply perform your takeoff and send the measurements directly to Estimation to be included in your project estimate. 

How to start your free Estimation trial:

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Cost Item Library

Break down and calculate costs effortlessly.

Estimate project costs faster with a repository of 98,000 individual ready-to-use cost items and cost formulas you can apply on construction projects of all sizes. Account for individual unit cost as well as tax to get a more accurate picture of total cost, reducing the likelihood of costly estimating errors.


Combine cost items together for better organization.

Assemblies allow you to group relevant cost items together as a single cohesive unit for easier cost calculation, giving you a better idea of a project’s entire scope and making it easier for stakeholders to interpret.


Get more flexibility with estimate customizations.

Does your business offer unique cost items not found in the library? Need to create individual estimates for identical rooms in a single project? No problem—with Estimation, you can create and duplicate custom cost items, assemblies,  and cost formulas, offering you the ability to tailor your experience to suit your needs.

Takeoff Integration

Skip tedious manual measurement entry

Manually entering measurements into spreadsheets to generate an estimate can be a long, error-prone process. Because Estimation integrates with PlanHub’s Takeoff tool, you can now digitally send measurements to be included in your estimate with just a few clicks. 

Clean, User-Friendly UX

Get a layout that works with you

Takeoff features collapsible side panels that give you plenty of space on your screen to perform your takeoff. You also have the ability to view project files in list, thumbnail, or carousel format, so you can choose whichever view you like best.

Outside Project Takeoffs

Perform takeoff on an outside project

Received a project outside of PlanHub? No problem—simply upload the project and associated files into your Takeoff Dashboard to perform your takeoff. 

Customizable Settings

Tailor your takeoff experience

Takeoff allows you to customize global settings for each individual measuring tool, such as line color, opacity, and thickness.

All-in-One Wall Tool

Know what materials you’ll need

Think of your wall tool as your Swiss Army knife—when you measure a wall in your takeoff, the tool will automatically calculate how many studs, drywall, and masonry units you’ll need for that wall.

Ortho Functionality

Draw perfect lines every time

Ensure measurement accuracy when drawing true horizontal and vertical lines with the built-in ortho tool, which is turned on for you by default. You can also easily turn it off when needed with just a press of your space bar. 

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More Accurate Estimates

Streamline Your Estimation Process

Creating and sending estimates has never been faster—or easier. With PlanHub’s powerful Takeoff and Estimation tools, you’ll get:

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Estimation is a simple yet powerful digital estimating tool for general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers that integrates with PlanHub’s existing Takeoff software
Create quicker, improved takeoffs effortlessly. PlanHub’s Takeoff aids your team in accurate, faster estimates, minimizing errors, and driving business growth.

Expand your network and connect with general contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, and suppliers – not to mention thousands of relevant projects at your fingertips.

Generate relevant leads, faster and with precision. With access to private, hard-to-find projects, you can connect with architects and owners on projects still in the pre-design and design stages.

PlanHub’s advanced suite of bid management tools allows you to increase productivity, identify relevant projects using data, build bids with Takeoff, and manage bids through the entire process.