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Getting Started

PlanHub is the ideal project and bid management app for general contractors and subcontractors. This software is nationwide, meaning that a small construction team or vast conglomerate can easily use the app for any type of project.

PlanHub currently services all of the United States.

PlanHub is a cloud-based software and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This means all information is accessible from anywhere for your convenience. At PlanHub, we pride ourselves on the accessibility of our bid construction software.

PlanHub is explicitly designed for small and medium-sized construction professionals to easily learn to use our software. At PlanHub, we understand that general contractors and subcontractors need an easy-to-use bid management software so they can post and bid on construction projects as quickly as possible across the US.

Price is determined by the geographical coverage area you choose. There is no limit to trades you select.

Yes, we offer a demo to anyone upon request. There is also a Request Demo button at the top of the PlanHub dashboard

We do offer training on our plan room software upon request. You can contact (561) 656-4701, click Live Help Chat, or click Request a Demo at any time during business hours for live training. We also have an online video Knowledge Base library including user-specific training.

For technical support call (561) 656-4701 during business hours. You can also email [email protected] for all technical questions.


PlanHub can help subcontractors grow their business exponentially by exposing them to new construction bid opportunities. PlanHub even allows subcontractors to receive all their bid opportunities in one easy-to-use dashboard, and their bids can be submitted online.

The majority of construction projects posted on PlanHub are new commercial construction or tenant fit-outs and renovations. There are also many public and government projects available including schools, fire stations, parks, police stations, and libraries. A smaller minority of construction projects will include residential homes and multi-family complexes. At PlanHub the list of projects is growing every day, so act fast!

An average of over 3,000 per month.

Not at all. PlanHub can be used in addition to your current bid management software. However, we are very confident that you will want to switch over once you experience the low prices and increased construction projects to post and bid on.

Using your geographical coverage area and trade selection you automatically access a list of matching projects. On top of that, there are filter tools that allow you to segment projects by construction type, project type, building use, bid date, and sector and labor status.

Yes! We make sure that each project in PlanHub includes necessary drawings, specs, and plans.

Yes, there is. With Premier features PDF blueprint Scanner and Perosnalized Project Notifications you can save your favorite keyword to your notifications, so you will be emailed all projects that include that keyword.

Yes! One of the biggest advantages of bidding within PlanHub is that you can choose to bid to all general contractors linked to a project at once. This feature saves you and your team innumerable hours of paperwork.

All major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

General Contractors

PlanHub helps general contractors get more bids on construction projects and find quality subcontractors quickly and efficiently at no cost. PlanHub also offers many more time-saving features and benefits for general contractors.

Nope! PlanHub is 100% free for general contractors.

We notified an average of 3,600 subcontractors per project based on geographical location and trade selection.

Yes, you can! It’s easy to upload a list of subcontractors at the time of your registration or from your settings. You can also invite new subcontractors to bid by including their emails when uploading a new project.

Uploading a project to PlanHub is super easy! Check out this video showing how you can do it in 3 minutes.

As a general contractor, you have access to project dashboards where all bids are displayed for your review.

Yes! There are a few ways you can communicate with subcontractors. You can send project updates to all interested subcontractors or a specific group of them, you can reply to their Requests for Information as well. All sent messages are available for you in PlanHub to help you keep track of your communications with subcontractors.

Yes, you can. Every time you post a project you decide if the project will be available only for subcontractors in your network or to all subcontractors that match location and trades


Currently, we charge by company with unlimited users per company.

Sign up, then select your plan then enter payment information.

You’ll get access as soon as you register and should see Invitation to Bid for projects near you immediately in your email inbox.

The Premier plan unlocks unlimited access to PlanHub’s comprehensive bid management tools, which help you win more construction projects and find local general contractors in the PlanHub network. These tools include:
  • ITBs and Automatic Matching
  • Prequalification
  • Market Intelligence
  • Mobile App

You’ll also get access to powerful bid building and planning features not found in our Basic plan, which make your bidding process easier and give you a competitive edge.

General contractors that invite a subcontractor to PlanHub, become part of the invited subcontractor’s network. Regardless of which plan the subcontractor chooses, they will always see that general contractor’s communications and invitations to bid

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From the very beginning, PlanHub has been a place where people can do meaningful work and build strong relationships.

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