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Sick and tired of checking out countless subcontractor bidding sites? PlanHub’s subcontractor software helps subcontractors find and bid on relevant construction projects.




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How PlanHub works for subcontractors

Search, bid, win, work. It’s that simple.

Find projects in your area

See the right projects with your trades and in your region.

Review project documents online

Are you fed up with construction projects that don’t have enough project information? With PlanHub’s subcontractor software, you can view and download unlimited project files, blueprints, and other bid documents.

Network with general contractors and suppliers

Connect with other construction professionals and instant message within the app . Easily stay connected with your peers in the construction industry.

Submit unlimited bids

Bid on projects directly through PlanHub with our subcontractor management software.

Build something meaningful

Win more bids and fill your calendar. Let’s get to work!

Features our subcontractors love

Advanced search

Search projects by location, construction type, project type, timeline, and more. Through these filters, you can apply for the right construction project.

Unlimited bidding

Submit bids to multiple general contractors on a project to increase bidding power. PlanHub opens you up to more bidding opportunities.

Cloud-based documentation

View or download project blueprints and project documents on the go to help keep the entire project team on task.

Centralized dashboard

See all project info in one view – bids, calendar, instant messaging, and more with our centralized dashboard, perfect for project management and tracking your progress.

Bid Navigator

With PlanHub’s construction and subcontractor management bid software, maximize efficiency and win more bids with advanced features. Available with Premier subscription.

Bid Navigator

Bid management is crucial regardless of whether you have successfully or are about to bid on a project. Bid Navigator™ is a suite of features that helps you easily find and bid on the best projects for you.

PDF blueprint scanning

Search all project file PDFs for relevant keywords.

Personalized project notifications

Aside from bid invitations, receive emails when your keyword is found in a new construction project.

Competitive advantage analytics

Get insights into what your competitors are viewing and bidding on.

Bid calendar

Track and view bid due dates for saved projects in your calendar.

How PlanHub Helped Subcontractor QRF Systems Make Half a Million Dollars in its First Year of Business

“Because of PlanHub’s flood of project opportunities, we are set to bring in revenues of about $850,000 in 2021. Without...

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