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Built by contractors, for contractors, PlanHub was created to help construction professionals win bids and grow their business.

Why construction software?

It was 2006, and Kevin Priddy was working as a concrete general contractor and subcontractor. The work was good. But the networking and bidding process was tedious and time-consuming. Kevin thought, (as entrepreneurs always do): “There’s got to be a better way.”

So in 2009, Kevin teamed up with a couple of experienced contractors to simplify the construction bidding experience and make it easier for skilled construction professionals to connect. The first cloud-based software iteration was called EliteProNet and was created to facilitate project communication between general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

It was good, but they knew it could be better. It had to be.

In 2015, Kevin and Kyle Conlan launched PlanHub, a project management app that not only facilitated streamlined networking and communication but completely simplified project planning and construction bidding.

The best part? They made it free. Free for general contractors to post projects and free for subcontractors and suppliers to start bidding.

And that’s how we got started.

But we’re not done yet. Not even close. We’re working every day to innovate and expand our solutions to bring together contractors from across the nation and empower them to build something meaningful.

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Our Culture

As a general contractor and subcontractor, I experienced first-hand the difficulty and frustration contractors feel organizing, sharing, and finding projects. We built a simple-to-use software and gave it away for free to GCs, so they’d have one place to post projects and distribute them to their subcontractors. Our software idea became the PlanHub platform where we now have hundreds of thousands of contractors connecting daily to see, bid on, and win construction projects.

Kevin Priddy, Founder & CEO



What matters most to us


Spearheading the charge for construction project and bid management software.


Motivated to better our services through determined efforts.


Honesty is the best policy with our users and colleagues.


Success is measured by collaborative thinking.


Open communication to sharing new ideas and providing constructive criticism.


Treating every person in the highest regard.

Performance excellence

Always researching and implementing the best methods.


Fulfilling the needs of users and only producing high-quality results.

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