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Search for Construction Jobs & Bids in Oklahoma

Since 2012, the demand for residential and commercial contractors has steadily increased, creating the biggest backlog of construction projects in years. Many Oklahoma general contractors are now scrambling to find enough subcontractors and suppliers to keep their projects on schedule and meet completion dates. Recent industry analysis indicates this increased consumer demand will continue for the next five years, so there’s no shortage of active and upcoming construction projects ready for your crews or waiting for your bid. You can learn more about current Oklahoma construction projects here.

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Looking for construction projects and bids in Oklahoma?

PlanHub allows you to see the current projects available for bid throughout Oklahoma. You can search by a specific location such as Tulsa or Oklahoma City to check out remodel or infrastructure projects. You can quickly find road work projects and tenant improvement projects in and around Broken Arrow. With a few mouse clicks, you can find multi-family or hospital projects in Norman, too. You can learn more about PlanHub’s Oklahoma subcontractor jobs here.

What you should know about Oklahoma construction projects and bids

Oklahoma requires electrical, roofing, and mechanical contractors to hold a current Oklahoma contractor’s license issued by the Contractors State License Board. GCs and other trades are licensed at the municipal level. In addition, there may be specific bond and insurance requirements that vary from one jurisdiction to the next.

If you’re considering bidding on construction projects in Oklahoma, you will want to visit the Oklahoma Worker Safety website. Understanding the state’s latest worker safety requirements will be helpful as you prepare your bids for Oklahoma construction projects.

Subcontractors and suppliers report that they struggle to find and connect with reputable and busy general contractors. PlanHub has reviewed the latest construction industry data to determine Oklahoma’s most prominent and active general contractors, and here are their website links. 

FAQs about construction projects and bids in Oklahoma

There is no schedule or regulatory process for posting new blueprints to a plan room or to start the bidding process. Plans for new construction projects go out to bid once the architect and project owner have finalized the plans. Depending on the project’s size, scope, and complexity, new drawings can take a few weeks to several months to complete. Once PlanHub receives a new construction project, the plans, specs, and bidders list are available to you online within a few hours.

The construction industry has been quite busy in the United States over the past few years, and this is no exception in Oklahoma. In fact, the state has planned $7.7 billion in construction projects for the rest of this decade. Transportation infrastructure is the main focus, which includes highways, bridges, and so on. Construction employment for both entry level and high level positions is thus looking to grow. For employees with minimal experience, becoming a construction worker or construction laborer is always an option. However, qualified applicants for advanced positions such as construction project manager are in especially high demand. The future is looking bright for construction workers, projects, and bidders. Seize the opportunity with PlanHub today!

Once you’re properly licensed, you can begin submitting your bid to the general contractors bidding on the project, or the project owner. Log in to the PlanHub plan room to pick and choose the projects that match your trade or scope of work, and then start your usual takeoff process. Certain publicly funded projects may contain specific bidding requirements or forms, typically included with the plans and specs.

The Oklahoma AGC chapter provides training, support, and business resources to help contractors build a better construction environment for the future.

Since most state building codes provide a baseline of occupant safety and comfort, some similarities from one state to the next are to be expected. However, each state creates its building code to address unique localized environmental issues such as hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, flooding, and even earthquakes.

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