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Unlike many other industries in the United States, the demand for commercial and residential contractors and construction workers has continually grown since 2012. Thanks to increased consumer demand, coupled with the unprecedented low interest rates Pennsylvania GCs, along with the entire construction industry, are reporting their biggest backlog of work in years. In fact, there are so many active and upcoming construction projects that Pennsylvania now ranks within the top 15 states in the nation for construction demand today. The good news is that many general contractors are constantly searching for subcontractors and material suppliers to keep their projects on schedule and meet completion deadlines. 

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Looking for construction projects and bids in Pennsylvania?

PlanHub allows you to see the current projects available for bid throughout Pennsylvania. With over 480+ projects in Pennsylvania, you can search by any project type such as new construction or remodel. You can also search for construction projects all across the state from Bucks county all the way to Allegheny county by location such as Pittsburgh or Allentown. Easily find small commercial remodeling projects and even expert level tenant improvement projects in and around central Pennsylvania and even in small towns like West Chester with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, you can find a variety of projects from multi-family to or road work projects in western Pennsylvania such as Washington county, too. You can learn more about PlanHub’s listings of current Pennsylvania subcontractor jobs here.

What you should know about Pennsylvania construction projects and bids

Pennsylvania does not have a statewide contractors licensing board. Licensing for general contractors and subcontractors occurs at the local level, typically by city or county. So, you’ll need to do some research to find the correct licensing office, based on your business location. In addition, there may be specific bond and insurance requirements that vary from one jurisdiction to another.

If you’re considering bidding on projects in Pennsylvania, you will want to visit the Pennsylvania Worker Safety website. Understanding the state’s latest worker safety requirements will be helpful as you prepare your bids for Pennsylvania construction projects.

Subcontractors constantly struggle to find and connect with reputable and busy general contractors. PlanHub has reviewed the most recent construction industry data to determine Pennsylvania’s largest general contractor, PJ Dick-Trumbull-Lindy.

FAQs about construction projects and bids in Pennsylvania

Depending on the project’s size and scope, new drawings can take a few weeks to several months to complete. Plans for new construction projects go out to bid once the architect has finalized the plans with the project owner. While we can’t speak for other plan room services, once PlanHub receives a new construction project, the clients, plans, specs, and bidders list are available online within four hours

Once you’re properly licensed or registered, you can begin submitting your bid to the general contractor’s bidding on the project. Access the PlanHub plan room to pick and choose the projects that interest you and start your takeoff process. A general contractor should be the only person to submit their bids to the project owner. Certain publicly funded projects may contain specific bidding requirements, construction services, or forms, typically included with the plans and specs.

The AGC and the Pennsylvania Builders Association provides training, support, and business resources to help contractors and subcontractors build a better and safer construction environment for their workers and overall the future.

Some similarities from one state to the next are typical since most state building codes provide a baseline of occupant safety and comfort. However, every state creates its building code to address localized environmental issues such as hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, flooding, and even earthquakes.

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