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Navigating Growth and Innovation: Cabling Innovations

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Because we’re small, we’re more adaptable. You know, we can meet people’s deadlines more easily than a larger company, and our prices are usually lower.Josh Estes, Operations Manager and Partner  for the East Yards Statewide Rental Fence, Cabling Innovations LLC



Cabling Innovations has been a significant player since their establishment in 2016, primarily focusing on commercial projects, including office build-outs and logistics spaces. Situated in Nashville, Tennessee, the company’s operational reach spans approximately 200 miles, affording them a dynamic 4-hour radius for project engagements. Their suite of services encompasses cabling, audio-video solutions, and innovative sound masking techniques. Their audio and sound offerings extend to TV systems, video conferencing setups, music systems, and state-of-the-art video walls. Notably, their expertise in sound masking has found practical applications in environments like office buildings, where it effectively minimizes ambient noise. Their distinctiveness lies in their small yet highly adaptable approach, complemented by competitive pricing that sets them apart in the market. As a specialist in video conferencing solutions, the company has expertly navigated the surge in demand spurred by the pandemic’s remote working shift. 


  • Niche industry with limited exposure
  • Bidding Selectively on Suitable Projects
  • Evolving Sales Team and Company Structure


  • Utilizing PlanHub for broader exposure and networking
  • Exploring More Projects
  • Embracing Modernized Lead Generation


  • Relationships Drive Growth
  • Adaptability for Competitive Edge
  • Navigating Remote Communication Demands



During our interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Josh Estes, Operations Manager, and Partner. With an impressive 24 years of experience, Josh’s expertise spans various areas of the company’s operations, making him an indispensable asset. From handling intricate cabling projects to overseeing the implementation of cutting-edge audio-visual systems, Josh’s involvement touches every corner of the business.

The background history of the company’s inception back in 2016 reveals a clear objective. According to Josh Estes, “Really, just to start our own thing and get away from the corporate world of having, you know, a large company environment.” The drive to break free from corporate constraints fueled the company’s establishment.

What sets Cabling Innovations apart is its agile nature and customer-oriented approach. Being a smaller player in the field allows them to provide personalized, adaptable solutions to clients’ needs. The team’s dedication to meeting deadlines and offering competitive pricing further solidifies its position as a sought-after player in the industry.

Like any business, Cabling Innovations has encountered its fair share of challenges. Notably, changes in their sales team have left them with the need to find new ways to work on lead generation. Despite this setback, the company remains committed to finding new avenues for growth and maintaining its reputation for excellence.

Challenge: Niche industry with limited exposure

In the specialized field of cabling, audio-video systems, and sound masking, Cabling Innovations faces the challenge of limited exposure within the industry. This niche nature of their services means that potential clients and projects are not always easy to come by. As a smaller company in a specific sector, they need to find a way to broaden their reach and connect with more potential clients to sustain growth.

Challenge: Bidding Selectively on Suitable Projects

Cabling Innovations faces the ongoing challenge of strategically choosing projects that align with their expertise and business objectives in a competitive industry. Their approach to selective bidding is crucial to ensure that the projects they pursue suit their capabilities and align with their capacity and overall goals.

Challenge: Evolving Sales Team and Company Structure

The shifts within Cabling Innovations’ sales team and overall company structure prompt a need for reevaluation and adaptation. The changing dynamics lead them to seek modernized approaches for lead generation to ensure a steady project flow.

Although they may encounter challenges like anyone in the industry, Cabling Innovations does not stay behind in finding lasting solutions for their business.


“Conferencing has really boomed over the last 3 years due to the increased need for remote meetings,” says Josh Estes.

Utilizing PlanHub for broader exposure and networking:

To address the challenge of limited exposure, Cabling Innovations recognizes the potential of platforms like PlanHub. By joining PlanHub, they aim to tap into a network of contractors, general contractors, and suppliers actively seeking specialized services. The platform offers a unique opportunity to showcase their expertise, connect with potential partners, and reach a broader audience. Through PlanHub’s project listings and networking capabilities, Cabling Innovations can increase its visibility, attract relevant projects, and establish valuable connections within the construction industry.

Exploring More Projects:

Cabling Innovations recognizes the importance of a well-balanced bidding strategy. While they are cautious about conserving resources and avoiding projects with limited potential, they understand the significance of expanding their project pipeline. By proactively exploring a wider range of projects that fall within their scope and meet their criteria, they increase their opportunities to secure projects that contribute value and revenue to their business. This approach involves meticulous evaluation of each project opportunity, considering factors such as size, scope, and alignment with their specialization.

Embracing Modernized Lead Generation:

In response to the evolving sales team and company structure, Cabling Innovations opt for a fresh perspective on lead generation. They recognize that these changes allow them to explore new, more contemporary avenues. This approach allows them to tap into innovative methods of attracting potential clients and securing projects. Through platforms like PlanHub, they aim to connect with a broader network, opening doors to projects that might otherwise go unnoticed. This proactive stance toward change allows them to thrive in a shifting landscape and maintain a consistent project pipeline.

Cabling Innovations has embraced PlanHub as a means to explore new opportunities and expand its network. While they have yet to secure a project through the platform, their goal is to increase revenue and grow their presence in the industry. Josh’s preference for working with established General Contractors aligns with PlanHub’s potential to connect with trusted partners.


Once you build a relationship, you keep it and continually build on it. You know, you work at it,says Josh Estes, highlighting the importance of nurturing business connections.

In the construction industry, relationships play a pivotal role in sustainable growth. This principle is preserved by Josh Estes, who emphasizes the significance of cultivating connections. Cabling Innovations understands the value of these interactions, recognizing that they are fundamental to their journey.

Cabling Innovations has successfully harnessed its adaptability and smaller size as competitive advantages in the industry. This flexibility has enabled them to respond to client needs swiftly, adapt to evolving project requirements, and meet tight deadlines. This adaptability, unique to their size, has enhanced their reputation for reliability and positioned them as a go-to choice for projects requiring agility and personalized attention.

Their adeptness at adapting to the growing demand for video conferencing solutions was pivotal in their growth. This proactive response to the changing needs of businesses transitioning to remote work has expanded their service offerings and positioned them as experts in designing and installing video conferencing systems. As a result, they have established themselves as a reliable partner for companies seeking to enhance their remote communication capabilities.

Through its membership on the PlanHub platform, Cabling Innovations has experienced increased visibility within the construction industry. PlanHub’s networking capabilities have connected them with a broader array of potential clients, general contractors, and industry partners actively seeking their services. This expanded reach has contributed to their potential for business growth and allowed them to establish valuable connections that could lead to fruitful collaborations in the future. Their engagement in the PlanHub community has further solidified their credibility within the construction ecosystem, positioning them as a trusted and valuable resource.

In summary, Cabling Innovations’ strategic engagement with PlanHub, selective project bidding approach, and willingness to adapt to industry shifts have positioned them for growth and success. Their commitment to delivering value, fostering relationships, and actively contributing to the construction community showcases their dedication to advancing the industry while securing meaningful opportunities for their business.

For those seeking top-tier audio-visual and cabling solutions, Cabling Innovations LLC stands ready to deliver. With a track record of excellence, a commitment to adaptability, and a dedicated team led by industry expert Josh Estes, the company is poised to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and serving its clients with unwavering dedication.

For inquiries or more information, contact Josh Estes at [email protected] or their website at

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