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New South Specialty: Elevating Excellence with PlanHub

window blinds.

“I appreciate using Takeoff for the technology offered through PlanHub, which simplifies my estimates. Instead of searching through 2,000 pages for just one, I can scale drawings with the Takeoff tool in 30 seconds or less.”Chase Daniels, New South Specialty



New South Specialty, based in Clarksville, Tennessee, has been a family-operated enterprise specializing in providing top-notch window treatments for commercial ventures since its establishment in 1987. Their comprehensive services encompass an array of window solutions, ranging from classic blinds to contemporary roller shades, both manual and motorized, among other options. With a rich portfolio of offerings, they cater primarily to commercial projects, serving sectors such as hospitality, education, student housing, and municipal establishments. This family-run business comprises three dedicated full-time employees, supplemented by the involvement of other family members, resulting in a closely-knit and efficient team dynamic.


  • Keeping up with changing industry standards and technology
  • Staying up-to-date with bid opportunities and winning projects
  • Reputation and Relationship Management in Competitive Construction


  • Adapting by embracing new technology
  • Streamlining Bids with PlanHub
  • Prioritizing Integrity: Building Strong Client Bonds


  • Potential 15-20% Sales Increase
  • Efficient Bid Management with PlanHub
  • Success Anchored in Reputation and Relationships



Chase Daniels, the owner of New South Specialty, carries on the legacy initiated by his grandfather and has upheld an enduring reputation within the industry. However, the journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Under Chase’s leadership, the business has embraced a versatile business model, functioning as both a subcontractor and a supplier. This adaptability allows them to offer flexible solutions, ranging from dropshipping products to providing comprehensive supply and installation services.

New South Specialty focuses on maintaining a strong reputation in the industry and building lasting relationships, further solidifying its position as a trusted partner in commercial window treatments. However, like any other company in the industry, they face some challenges to which they work hard every day to combat to be the best in the industry. 

“Just finding the right projects for me. And right now, I think the fiscal year is affecting it as well. It’s kind of slowed down a little bit, especially in my trade, not everyone’s trade, but my trade,” said Chase Daniels.

New South Specialty recognizes that the construction industry continually evolves with changing standards and technological advancements. As the industry shifts towards embracing modern innovations like motorized shades, the challenge emerges to stay current and offer cutting-edge solutions to clients. The company takes a proactive approach to address this challenge by remaining adaptable. They invest in ongoing training and education, ensuring their team is well-equipped to handle emerging technologies and new product offerings. By staying informed and embracing the latest trends, New South Specialty maintains its position as an industry leader, ready to provide the most up-to-date solutions to its clients.

In the competitive construction world, securing bids and winning projects is paramount to a company’s success. However, with many opportunities and bids constantly circulating, the challenge arises of efficiently tracking and accessing relevant bid information. This challenge is further exacerbated by the need to stay informed about real-time project updates and developments, all while managing the bidding process effectively.

In the fast-paced and competitive construction world, maintaining a positive reputation and nurturing strong client relationships can be daunting. With contractors often tempted to resort to short-term strategies like underbidding to secure projects, building a reputation for quality and ethical practices becomes an uphill battle. Additionally, the industry’s reliance on fast turnarounds and tight schedules can sometimes strain relationships with clients and contractors, making it challenging to focus on long-term connections.


In response to the challenge of keeping up with evolving industry standards and technological advancements, New South Specialty has made adaptability a cornerstone of its business strategy. Recognizing the growing demand for motorized shades, the company took the initiative to train its team members on installing and operating these innovative solutions. By equipping their staff with the skills to handle motorized shades effectively, New South Specialty ensures they meet their client’s current needs and positions themselves as experts in the field. This commitment to embracing new products and technologies enables them to offer a comprehensive range of solutions, catering to the diverse preferences of their clientele.

“I appreciate using Takeoff for the technology offered through PlanHub, which simplifies my estimates. Instead of searching through 2,000 pages for just one, I can scale drawings with the Takeoff tool in 30 seconds or less,” said Chase Daniels.

New South Specialty turned to PlanHub, a robust bidding and project management platform, to address the challenge of managing bid opportunities and winning projects. PlanHub’s intuitive interface and comprehensive features enable Chase and his team to browse and evaluate bid opportunities efficiently. The platform’s centralized hub for project documents, real-time updates, and communication streamlines the bidding process. With PlanHub’s tools, New South Specialty can easily access bid opportunities, communicate with stakeholders, and submit bids. This solution optimizes their efficiency and increases their chances of securing projects in a competitive marketplace.

Chase Daniels tackles the reputation challenges head-on through a strategic and moral approach. He recognizes that reputation is the bedrock of sustainable success. Chase sets his company apart by refusing to engage in cutthroat tactics and instead focusing on delivering exceptional products and services. Building relationships becomes a central strategy, with transparent communication, trust-building, and a personal touch playing key roles. By fostering these connections, Chase positions his family-run business as a reliable, trustworthy, and long-term partner in the construction ecosystem.


Chase Daniels recognized the need for efficiency in bid management and discovered PlanHub through research and industry recommendations. Having integrated PlanHub into his operations for approximately six months, Chase’s daily engagement with the platform underscores its value to his business. He finds PlanHub’s suite of features, notably the takeoff tool, instrumental in streamlining his workflow. The takeoff tool’s ability to swiftly scale drawings in seconds has revolutionized how he estimates project requirements, saving time and ensuring accuracy. In his quest for suitable projects, Chase leverages keywords such as “roller shade,” “blinds,” and “window coverings” to sift through the myriad of bids. He remains optimistic about the platform’s potential impact on his business. Calculating the possibilities, Chase envisions securing just two bids a month could translate to a significant 15-20% increase in gross sales, highlighting PlanHub’s role as a pivotal asset in his growth strategy.

“We’ve thrived for 30 years thanks to strong relationships and a solid reputation,” said Chase Daniels.

Chase’s commitment to reputation and relationship-building yields substantial results for New South Specialty. The company’s solid reputation for quality work and ethical practices draws in clients who value reliability and professionalism. By avoiding the pitfalls of poor industry habits, New South Specialty stands out as a beacon of integrity. The emphasis on building and maintaining relationships leads to repeat business, referrals, and increased client loyalty. The company becomes a go-to choice for architects and general contractors seeking a partner they can trust. Ultimately, Chase’s approach transforms challenges into opportunities, allowing New South Specialty to thrive in a competitive industry and secure a bright future.

New South Specialty’s journey is a testament to innovation and resilience. By embracing technology and adapting to changing industry trends, they’ve fortified their position as experts in commercial window treatments. PlanHub’s integration has streamlined its bids, while Chase Daniels’ commitment to integrity and relationships solidifies its reputation. Through these strategic approaches, New South Specialty thrives amidst challenges and emerges as a trusted and thriving partner in the construction arena.

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