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Opportunity Fast-Track: Accor Technology & PlanHub

Plumber fixing pipes.

PlanHub revolutionized our project acquisition, granting early access to previously unknown projects. This empowers our reps to proactively make contacts, prepare strategically, and position ourselves for upcoming opportunities. An indispensable tool, PlanHub opens new doors and opportunities.Thomas Love, Western Regional Sales Manager, Accor Technology



Accor Technology, a distinguished plumbing components manufacturer founded in 1988, is located in East Wenatchee, Washington, USA. It has positioned itself as a key player in delivering top-tier American-made products tailored for new construction projects. The company prides itself on its commitment to excellence, offering a comprehensive range of plumbing angle stop valves and supply lines, each backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Accor Technology’s prominence in the plumbing industry is underscored by its team of four regional sales managers strategically covering the entire United States. With 35 years of experience, the company has become synonymous with reliability And innovation, consistently providing plumbing solutions for diverse construction ventures.


  • Limited Visibility into Opportunities
  • Inefficient Lead Generation
  • Communication Streamlining


  • Enhanced Project Discovery
  • Efficient Lead Generation
  • Improved Collaboration


  • Enhanced Project Discovery
  • Efficient Lead Generation
  • Improved Collaboration



In a recent interview with key stakeholders, including Thomas Love, the Western Regional Sales Manager, the discussion delved into Accor Technology’s core services and values. The conversation illuminated the company’s dedication to manufacturing products that meet the highest standards, emphasizing the longevity and dependability of their plumbing components.

Accor Technology’s product line, featuring plumbing angle stop valves and supply lines, is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality. The interview highlighted these components’ pivotal role in various construction projects, including single-family homes, multi-family dwellings, apartments, condos, and senior living facilities.

Building lasting relationships in the plumbing industry is paramount, and at Accor Technology, we prioritize trust.” – Thomas Love, Western Regional Sales Manager, Accor Technology

Accor Technology INC grapples with critical challenges impacting its competitive edge in the construction industry. Currently, the company faces limited visibility into upcoming projects, hindering proactive identification and pursuit of opportunities in the fast-paced and competitive landscape.

Simultaneously, inefficient lead generation within their niche affects their ability to target relevant projects, leading to suboptimal use of time and resources. This challenge not only slows project identification but also impacts overall operational efficiency.

Moreover, the company searched for a user-friendly tool to help them look for projects efficiently.


Accor Technology INC has turned to PlanHub for comprehensive solutions. The company harnesses PlanHub’s Lead Finder tool to enhance project discovery. This allows Thomas Love, the Western Regional Sales Manager, to specify criteria and significantly improves the company’s proactive identification and pursuit of construction projects. 

“One feature of PlanHub that I truly appreciate is the ability to save my filters. Every time I log back into PlanHub, my previous filter is readily available, streamlining my workflow. The convenience of having my preferred filter consistently accessible adds efficiency to the process. Even in the rare instance where it might disappear, I have the peace of mind knowing that I’ve saved it, ensuring a seamless experience every time I engage with the platform.” – Thomas Love, Western Regional Sales Manager, Accor Technology

In addition to enhanced project discovery, Accor Technology streamlines its lead generation process using PlanHub’s targeted Lead Finder tool. This efficient narrowing down of relevant projects saves crucial time and resources, resulting in a more focused approach within their niche.

PlanHub is a centralized platform for communication and collaboration among team members, manufacturer representatives, and contractors. The ability to save filters and quick access to project details streamline communication processes, fostering better stakeholder collaboration.



“We discovered PlanHub through a colleague who had been familiar with it for years. Their strong recommendation led us to explore the platform for our company, Accor Technology. Upon reaching out, we were connected with an exceptional salesperson from PlanHub, who expertly guided us through the platform’s features and benefits. After a comprehensive conference call and a thorough understanding of what PlanHub could offer, the decision was unanimous. Our team recognized the potential benefits and voted in favor of integrating PlanHub into our operatiWheneverdent that it would prove to be a valuable asset for Accor Technology.” – Thomas Love, Western Regional Sales Manager, Accor Technology

The implementation of PlanHub delivers significant results for Accor Technology. Enhanced project discovery capabilities lead to increased opportunities, as PlanHub significantly improves project visibility. Proactively identifying and pursuing a broader range of construction projects contributes to the company’s growth. 

Efficient lead generation, facilitated by PlanHub’s tools, allows Accor Technology to focus on the most promising projects within its niche. This optimization saves valuable time and resources, redirecting them towards other critical business operations. 

Improved collaboration positively impacts Accor Technology’s position in the construction industry. The centralized hub for communication fosters better collaboration among stakeholders, contributing to stronger relationships with contractors and wholesalers.

Feedback & Recommendations on PlanHub

“PlanHub has revolutionized our project acquisition process, providing us with a unique advantage. By gaining early access to previously unknown projects in many territories, we are now positioned to get a head start.”  – Thomas Love, Western Regional Sales Manager, Accor Technology

Thomas Love, the Western Regional Sales Manager, expressed excitement about the platform’s capabilities. He highlighted the user-friendly interface and the ability to save filters as particularly beneficial. The collaborative nature of PlanHub strengthened relationships with both contractors and wholesalers.

Accor Technology recommends PlanHub to other contractors and suppliers in the construction industry based on its positive experience. The company anticipates that PlanHub will strengthen relationships and expand business opportunities. Accor Technology aims to leverage the platform further to secure new projects and increase revenue, making it a valuable addition to its overall sales strategy.

In a short span since joining PlanHub, Accor Technology has experienced promising results. The platform addressed vital challenges and opened doors to new possibilities, reinforcing the company’s commitment to excellence in the plumbing industry. PlanHub continues to be integral to Accor Technology’s growth strategy, facilitating collaboration and success in the competitive construction landscape.

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