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S&S Waste: Boosting Success with PlanHub Integration

Boosting Success with PlanHub Integration

“I genuinely appreciate the effort your team has put into creating such a visually appealing and functional user interface.” Victor Martinez, West Coast Sales, Manager, S&S Waste



S&S Waste, founded by Sheldon Mickelson in 1987, initially faced financial struggles but quickly grew under Sheldon’s management. After parting ways with his temporary partner Steve, Sheldon took the reins and propelled the company forward. Through innovation and determination, S&S Waste evolved from manual waste collection to pioneering the Grapple System for construction debris removal, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry. Today, with over 80 employees, 50 trucks, and a sister company called In & Out Portables, S&S Waste serves more than 10 counties in Florida, delivering exceptional service and maintaining its position as the industry’s top choice for waste removal.


  • Industry Communication
  • Adapting to technology
  • Targeting suitable projects


  • Direct Connectivity
  • Digital Integration
  • Enhanced Efficiency


  • Streamlined Operations
  • Improved Performance
  • Customer-centric Approach



S&S Waste is a reputable company located in West Palm Beach, Florida. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they specialize in providing dumpsters for construction companies. One of their unique approaches is the utilization of grapple trucks for waste removal, which allows for direct emptying into the truck, saving valuable time for their clients.

Notably, S&S Waste stands out by manufacturing its dumpsters and offering custom-made grapple trucks, ensuring the highest quality and tailored solutions for their customers. Their services encompass dumpster rental, waste removal, and waste management, catering to commercial and residential projects. However, they primarily focus on commercial projects, demonstrating their expertise in this area.

“We give everyone who works with us direct access to the sales manager, the dispatch team, and even the drivers,” said Martinez.

Their commitment to exceptional service is evident through their emphasis on open communication and a personal approach to building customer relationships. To enhance communication and operational efficiency, they provide direct access to the sales manager, dispatch team, and drivers, ensuring smooth coordination throughout the project.

Like all companies today, S&S Waste also faces some challenges. 

One of the construction industry’s challenges is maintaining effective communication with all parties. As a company that provides dumpsters for construction companies, transparent and efficient communication is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and meeting the specific needs of their customers. With numerous projects and clients to manage, it can be a challenge to maintain consistent and timely communication throughout the process. 

Another of the ongoing challenges that S&S Waste faces is the need to adapt to today’s rapidly evolving technology. As advancements continue to reshape the lead generation industry, the company must navigate the complexities of staying up-to-date with emerging technologies.

“I’m trying to stick with jobs that are probably 20k square feet or more, our parameters are 25k plus, but you know, there’s some leeway there,” said Martinez.

Finally, their last main challenge is targeting suitable projects. S&S Waste faces the challenge of targeting suitable projects that align with their capabilities and meet their minimum value requirements. While they primarily focus on commercial projects, it can take time to identify and secure projects that fit their expertise and business model. The construction industry can be highly competitive, and finding projects that meet their criteria while balancing profitability and operational capacity requires careful consideration. S&S Waste aims to target projects with a minimum of 20,000 square feet but also maintain some flexibility. They need to strike a balance between pursuing projects that meet their financial goals and ensuring they have the necessary resources to serve their clients effectively.

Despite the challenges they face, S&S Waste has proactively addressed them and taken measures to overcome these obstacles. The company has made significant strides in enhancing its communication services, ensuring that customers receive top-notch service. Additionally, S&S Waste has adopted PlanHub, a lead generation platform, to streamline its business processes and expand its reach. They are also actively pursuing projects that meet their criteria, focusing on securing high-value contracts that align with their capabilities. Through these efforts, S&S Waste is determined to overcome its challenges and succeed in the industry.


“PlanHub is highly user-friendly and well-designed, reflecting the importance of aesthetics in today’s digital landscape,” said Martinez.

S&S Waste has actively recognized the need to adapt to technology and has taken steps to incorporate software like PlanHub for project bidding and estimating. The company aims to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and stay updated with industry advancements by embracing technology. This proactive approach allows them to leverage digital tools and platforms to improve their lead generation and project management capabilities, ultimately increasing their competitiveness in the market.

“We aim for a symbiotic relationship and want to relieve our customers of the burden of worrying about waste, allowing them to focus on their job site. Our goal is to be as minimally involved as possible and provide exceptional service that makes our customers want to work with us again,” said Martinez.

In addition, S&S Waste places great importance on open communication and has implemented measures to address this challenge. They offer direct access to their team, enabling customers to communicate directly with the relevant individuals involved in their project. This approach strengthens communication channels and enhances efficiency by eliminating unnecessary communication layers and ensuring prompt responses to customer concerns or queries. By fostering transparent and direct communication, S&S Waste can build stronger customer relationships and provide a personalized experience that differentiates them from competitors.


“When I log into PlanHub, my goal is to find suitable jobs that we can win,” said Martinez.

By implementing technology solutions such as PlanHub for project bidding and estimating, S&S Waste has streamlined its processes, improved efficiency, and stayed up to date with industry advancements. This integration has enhanced their operational efficiency, increased competitiveness, and expanded their reach in lead generation.

“I really appreciate the structure of PlanHub, which sets it apart from other websites,” said Martinez.

Moreover, their emphasis on open communication and direct access to key personnel has resulted in improved customer satisfaction, stronger client relationships, and faster issue resolution. These outcomes have positioned S&S Waste as a reliable and responsive service provider, enhancing their overall customer service experience.

Overall, these solutions have delivered tangible results for S&S Waste, empowering them to adapt to industry changes, enhance operational efficiency, foster stronger customer relationships, and maintain a competitive edge in the lead generation and construction waste management sector.

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