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Unlocking Growth Potential: MilliCare’s Opportunity with PlanHub


“Look, it’s what did I spend $1,500 or something like that in the year? If I can get one or 2 jobs, it more than pays for it. If I got 5 additional jobs, that would almost double my business and that would increase my business by 70%.” Ken Granader, MilliCare Denver South



MilliCare Denver South is a locally owned and operated commercial cleaning company specializing in floor care services. Their team of experienced technicians, who are Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval approved providers, are dedicated to preserving and extending the life of carpets through expert care and maintenance. They prioritize personalized cleaning solutions tailored to meet each facility’s unique needs and goals. Additionally, they are committed to sustainability, employing eco-friendly techniques that minimize environmental impact while preserving the integrity of the carpets. MilliCare by Denver South recognizes the importance of clean and safe flooring in maintaining a healthy commercial space, whether it’s an office building, doctor’s office, or hotel. They make it their utmost priority to ensure that floors are properly cared for and maintained to create a conducive environment.

Ken was referred to PlanHub by his client, Brand Point Services. He currently has 3 team members and has been part of PlanHub for about 60 days. His projects mainly focus on commercial opportunities. He offers many services ranging from:

  • Carpet Care
  • Textile Care
  • Tile & Grout care
  • General Maintenance Floorcare
  • Entryway Protection
  • Protective Care
  • Performance Coating
  • Enhanced Coating
  • Enhanced Hygiene Services


  • Finding qualified labor workers in the construction industry
  • The quality of applicants from job postings is low
  • Lack of practical online recruiting tools


  • Direct contact with project owners 
  • New projects
  • New ways to search for talent


  • Cost-effective tool 
  • New connections
  • Finding qualified employees



The construction industry encounters a consistent challenge in its pursuit of sourcing qualified labor workers. Finding individuals with the necessary skills, expertise, and experience can be a demanding and time-consuming task, leading to a shortage of suitable candidates. One of the factors contributing to this issue is the quality of applicants generated through traditional job postings. Despite the widespread use of such platforms, the overall caliber of candidates often needs to meet the industry’s requirements. This discrepancy emphasizes the pressing need for more effective online recruiting tools to streamline the hiring process and attract highly skilled professionals. By addressing this crucial gap in the market, these innovative tools have the potential to revolutionize how the construction industry identifies and secures top-tier talent. Ultimately, this advancement can foster enhanced productivity, efficiency, and overall success in construction projects of all sizes.

Ken identified labor as the most significant challenge in the construction industry. Finding qualified employees who are committed and skilled has proven to be a daunting task. Despite extensive background checks, reference checks, and multiple interviews, hiring reliable and experienced workers has been a struggle. The scarcity of skilled labor can significantly impact a commercial cleaning business’s operations and growth potential.


“You know, I like PlanHub because I wouldn’t have invested the money if it wasn’t so easy to use; if it didn’t have good detailed information, you know, those are the things I would say it’s easy to use. There’s detailed information, and there’s contact information,” said Ken.

PlanHub allows businesses to streamline their networking and expand their reach. As a leading platform for connecting suppliers and general contractors, PlanHub offers an easy-to-use solution for businesses to grow their client base and find skilled labor. This platform is valuable for businesses looking to expand their reach and connect with new contacts. 

Building strong relationships with general contractors is crucial in the construction industry. These relationships can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships, improved project outcomes, and increased business opportunities.

As a supplier, the tool allows direct contact with project owners and the opportunity to connect with general contractors. Ken can access direct contact information from project owners who will connect with the general contractors. PlanHub provides detailed information about projects, including contact information for project owners.

“I usually use your tool daily, and I have been able to contact new general contractors,” said Ken.

Ken mentions that he uses PlanHub’s lead finder tool every day. He receives notices of projects and looks at them to determine if they would be attractive to his company. Ken contacts the general contractors to offer his services and generate potential business. Although he hasn’t yet secured projects through the tool, he believes that with detailed information and regular notifications, he should be able to get a couple of jobs throughout the year.


“The first main reason I choose the construction industry was that it’s a business-to-business franchise versus business-to-consumer, which was the first and most attractive thing. Secondly, the value proposition of MilliCare stands out, It’s very environmentally friendly. You know, we have a dry chemical that we use for carpets, which saves over 99% of the water versus traditional methods. I liked the people that I met, other franchise owners, and the people that work for MilliCare, the support systems are great. There’s money to be made, for sure. Yeah. So those are all the reasons I got into this,” said Ken.

PlanHub’s mission is to connect construction companies and have hundreds of thousands of people visiting their website every day.

Although Ken’s focus is on the post-construction cleaning phase, he recognized the potential of PlanHub’s tools. This variety of tools primarily benefits its users by providing early access to projects and contact information for potential partners. Ken utilizes PlanHub mainly to identify projects and reach out to general contractors who may require his services. Though he has not yet secured contracts through the tool, Ken remains optimistic about the potential for future success.

Ken Granader’s experience highlights the challenges commercial cleaning businesses face, particularly the scarcity of skilled labor. Despite the difficulties, Ken continues to explore innovative solutions and remains open to leveraging new platforms like PlanHub to overcome these challenges. PlanHub’s tools offer valuable insights and connections, even for suppliers like Ken, allowing him to establish contacts with potential partners and secure projects.

“Look, it’s what did I spend $1,500 or something like that in the year? If I can get one or 2 jobs, it more than pays for it. If I got 5 additional jobs, that would almost double my business and that would increase my business by 70%,” said Ken.

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