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ITBs & Automatic Matching

Access thousands of projects in your area

Unlimited Projects, Unlimited ITBs Receive thousands of direct invitations to bid local projects from General Contractors. Send as many bids as you want to every stakeholder.

Network with Local GCs Gain direct access to the right people — with the ability to reach over 60,000 general contractors, 25,000 owners, and 10,000 suppliers within PlanHub. Now you can build profitable, long-term relationships and collaborate with ease.

Blueprint Keyword Scanner Backed by OCR Reader Technology, you can create your own list of keywords — and receive email alerts when one of them is found inside project blueprints.


Market Intelligence

Data and insights at your fingertips

Competitive Analytics
Get a competitive advantage by knowing how many views, plan downloads, and bids a project has for your trade.

Pricing Analytics
Gain insight into pricing trends in your area for similar projects, including labor, materials and more — and know if your bid is on track.

Material Takeoff Requests
Communicate with suppliers directly on each project — instantly request & receive material takeoff estimates for your bid package.


Bid Planner CRM

Manage & track all of your projects with shared team access

Imported Projects Auto-import all of your projects into one single location by forwarding your ITBs to a dedicated email address. This will allow you to centralize all of your bidding & follow-up efforts in one place.

Team Member Assignments Select a team member to be responsible for each bid to prevent duplicated effort and wasting time.

Deadline Reminders Get automatic notifications when a deadline is approaching — with PlanHub, you’ll never be caught by surprise.


Takeoff Core

Increase efficiency with a powerful takeoff solution

No more hardcopy plans Stop buying blueprints! Our digital takeoff lets you set the scale for the plans with a click and measure with easy-to-use digital tools.

Reduce Takeoff time by 50% Save untold hours your staff previously spent making tedious manual measurements. Put that extra time to work submitting more bids and winning more jobs!

Centralized Estimating Quickly create takeoffs and bid proposals in a single unified platform — without having to pay for multiple solutions, download any additional apps, or learn additional tools.


Bid Builder

Build and submit a winning proposal to all stakeholders.

Lightning-Fast Bidding Create professional proposals quickly inside a ready-made bid template — submit your bids directly to General Contractors within seconds.

Prequalification With a built-in prequalification process, you can make your bids stand out by attaching your prequalification packet to each bid you send out. Subs who prequalify win 3X more projects.

Easy To Read Bids Automatically use information from previous, similar bids to save time and respond faster.

The PlanHub ROI Calculator

PlanHub will help you increase wins and grow your business. Let's look at how much effort you're currently putting into bidding.

How many bids do you submit a year?


How many hours do you spend building a bid?


What's your average job size?




Net profit increase using PlanHub:

In addition, we expect you will win 4 additional bids annually, save 40 hours of precious time, and create a labor savings of $5,000 that can be put back into your construction business.

Case Study
“PlanHub helps me find jobs tailored to my business. That’s how we grew revenue by more than $200,000 this year.”
Jennifer P.
General Contractor
de oliveira logo

Diversifying projects amplifies growth for
De Oliveira Flooring


The company was looking to diversify its residential work that was more susceptible to economic volatility by adding commercial jobs and taking on new kinds of flooring, like polished concrete. The challenge was to find a way to make contact with commercial contractors over a large area in south Florida.

As a smaller, family-owned company, they needed to carefully manage growth too — so the jobs they bid on needed to be tailored to their specific skills, area, and size.


PlanHub provided a huge number of funded commercial projects that they could quickly find projects that matched their business needs exactly: including the geographic range, job size, and types of flooring they specialized in. “I can be very selective on the types of jobs that I bid on…PlanHub saves us time and money.”

Other features were invaluable too, like the integrated takeoff tools and competitive analytics that helped the company ensure their bids were accurate and competitive.



Additional revenue in a single year

6-7 wins

out of every 10 bids submitted through PlanHub
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Your easy-to-use hub for bidding projects.

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Real talk by subcontractors who use PlanHub

“We have seen a near 40% increase in our revenue stream and a lot of it comes from PlanHub which is great."
Nick CuppAccount Manager
Commercial Acoustics
“Refreshingly Simple to Use and Continually Becoming my Go-To Tool to Use For Every Bid!"
Julian W.
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“PlanHub is very versatile. It's invaluable to build these relationships with these contacts and to open these doors."
Michael HeatonCEO
QRF Systems
“I use PlanHub almost every day and it's very easy to use and fast, fast in terms of searching or downloading."
Larry D.
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From the very beginning, PlanHub has been a place where people can do meaningful work and build strong relationships.

Come grow with us! We’re building innovative technologies that simplify preconstruction for everyone.

Estimation is a simple yet powerful digital estimating tool for general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers that integrates with PlanHub’s existing Takeoff software
Create quicker, improved takeoffs effortlessly. PlanHub’s Takeoff aids your team in accurate, faster estimates, minimizing errors, and driving business growth.

Expand your network and connect with general contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, and suppliers – not to mention thousands of relevant projects at your fingertips.

Generate relevant leads, faster and with precision. With access to private, hard-to-find projects, you can connect with architects and owners on projects still in the pre-design and design stages.

PlanHub’s advanced suite of bid management tools allows you to increase productivity, identify relevant projects using data, build bids with Takeoff, and manage bids through the entire process.