Newcomers to PlanHub may feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of potential projects that are available, but not every project is a good fit for every subcontractor. Consider these three aspects when searching for new projects.

1: Choose a Project Near You

Location is an important aspect to consider when sorting through potential projects. It is best to limit your search to projects that are located within a reasonable commute from your home for both your convenience and your general contractor’s. Driving too far to get to your work site wastes valuable time, and transportation costs should also be considered. A reasonable salary for a project that is five minutes from your home might not be reasonable for a job over an hour away. Decide on a maximum travel distance that makes sense for you and limit your search to projects within that radius.

2: Choose a Project that Fits Your Qualifications

Be sure to consider your construction experience and expertise before you begin searching for work. A high-paying, interesting project near you is not a good choice if it requires skills that are far beyond your level of experience. While it can be a good idea to take advantage of opportunities to build your skill set, it is best to stick to your current qualifications when searching for work with general contractors that you are not familiar with.

3: Consider the General Contractor’s Qualifications and History

Your general contractor’s qualifications are as important as your own. Be sure that any general contractor you consider working for meets the requirements needed to provide a safe, ethical workplace. If no other subcontractors are willing to work for a general contractor, there’s probably a good reason why. Before accepting any project, ensure that the general contractor has a strong track record of completed projects. At PlanHub, we give subcontractors and general contractors the ability to search for the perfect match for their next project. For more information about our software, contact us today!


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