As a subcontractor, you know that creating estimates for general contractors and potential clients can take up a lot of your time. However, in the construction industry, estimates are a necessity to make money. Fortunately, the process in creating estimates is now faster and more user-friendly due to today’s estimating software technology.

What is Estimating Software?

Estimating software helps subcontractors more easily and efficiently create an estimate by leveraging technology. Estimating software includes a collection of programs and information that helps to calculate the total cost of a construction project with just the click of a button. For instance, let’s say you’re a plumbing contractor and you need to install two toilets. After you started the estimate with the customer information, you’d select the toilet you intend to install and the program would load the cost for the completed job.

Benefits of Estimating Software

Estimating software brings many benefits to the table to help you grow your subcontracting business. These benefits include:
  1. Speeds up the process. You can more quickly create an accurate estimate and bid on projects with estimating software.
  2. Eliminates guesswork. Your estimating software will help you stop guessing and provide you with accurate costs for materials and labor. It can show you what you’ve charged for similar jobs and the cost of supplies for completing a job.
  3. Organization. Estimating software can help you keep up with past estimates and reprint them as needed without filling a filing cabinet full of paperwork.
  4. Professional appearance. Estimating software allows you to print your typed estimates, eliminating messy, handwritten notes, or send them virtually, directly to general contractors or potential customers.
At PlanHub, we know that creating estimates and performing bids can take up precious time you may not have. To discover the many advantages of using PlanHub in conjunction with an estimating software, such as STACK Construction Technologies, or to learn more about PlanHub’s features and benefits, contact us today.


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