We’re proud to announce PlanHub Premier — now with even more benefits and features to help general contractors get the bid coverage they need, reduce risks to their business, and develop winning proposals.

Check out included Premier features:

Stay on top of projects with your dashboard.
Centralized dashboard provides an easy-to-use overview of projects in a single place.

Control who can see — and bid — on your project with Private Planroom.
Private Planroom is an exciting new feature that allows you to do exactly what it sounds like — keep your project private to specific subcontractors and suppliers, allowing them to view the project and access related documents.

Find and fill gaps where you need coverage.
Smart Coverage tracks bid coverage for your project by trade in your project detail dashboard.

Reduce risk and ensure your subs are fully qualified.
Filter your Directory by subs who have specific qualifications before you invite them to bid or request Subcontractors bidding on your project to fill out their qualification section on their profile.

Compare and select your winning bids using Bid Leveling.

Advanced Bid Analytics to help ensure you always select the best bid for your project.

With PlanHub, it’s simple to request, receive, and select quality bids for the coverage you need, get a demo today to learn how you can reduce risks to your business, and create winning proposals.


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