People think contract work only heavily involves power tools, the sound of saws, and all the other construction equipment. However, a lot more effort goes into a job than sweat, hammers, and nails. Planning with blueprints, schematics, timesheets, contracts, and all sorts of other documentation and information are pivotal. You many need to access these at any moment. Fortunately, thanks to today’s technology, you can have all the information you could ever want right at your fingertips. If, that is, you embrace the cloud and a plan room management software system.

The Information You Need, When You Need It

There is no faster way to put the brakes on a job than to realize you need a document you don’t have. Whether it’s the specifics of the contract with your client, or a copy of an insurance form, or just the details of the hardware you need to order, having that information back at the office does you no good when you’re onsite. However, thanks to cloud storage, it’s possible for you to retrieve any file you need, no matter where you are! All you need is a device that can connect to the Internet, and you’re in business. Not only does storing your information on the cloud mean you can access it from anywhere you happen to need it, but it also means that you have backups in case something goes wrong. If there’s an unfortunate fire that burns up your physical contracts you kept in the office, or a computer virus corrupts all your onsite data, you still have copies of everything waiting in the cloud to be re-downloaded to put you right back where you were. Part convenience, and part “insurance policy”: there is no reason not to embrace cloud technology if you’re a contractor! For more information about the cloud and how we can help you keep all of your documents organized and accessible, simply contact PlanHub today!


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