A construction plan room is an online space where you can manage your contractors and multiple phases of the construction project planning process. Use it to connect with subcontractors, upload documents, and communicate. It also can act as a hub for your bid management. Through this hub, you can administer your subcontractors as well as receive bids. Using technology to manage your projects may seem daunting when you look at the options out there. For planning construction, you need your technology to be intuitive and smart, just like you! In our industry, well-organized projects tend to go smoothly and meet projected deadlines, so use PlanHub’s plan room to your advantage. It will help you be more efficient and streamlined as a contractor.

Bidding on and Managing Proposals

When you’re using PlanHub as your plan room solution, you get access to a place that’s perfect for organizing and developing proposals, from start to finish. All the work involved with your subcontractors can be included in a plan room, ensuring your quotes are accurate and fair. You’ll also be able to provide mockups and other visuals to your potential customers with the plan room software. Streamlining your technology helps optimize your projects as well. It’s much easier to plan when everyone’s using the same tools and technology. All the documents, notes, quotes, and other communications will be right where you left them, every time. Important components can easily get lost when you’re dealing with emails and uploads individually, so compile them in a plan room instead as your online office. You can track everything from the same place that you’re planning. Project and bid management can be a big hassle if everyone is on different pages. Planning big projects step-by-step helps you stay on schedule. When you have multiple projects going on at once, it’s essential to be able to keep track of everyone while still marketing yourself through bids on other projects. Plan room technology and systems can help you do this with much higher efficiency. PlanHub’s plan room and bid management system can help you streamline your project plans. Contact us today to learn how you can use our construction plan room software in your business.


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