The implementation of advanced technology means big improvements for the construction industry. Each year, new technology helps increase the safety and productivity of construction workers. Here are the latest technology innovations that are making a huge impact on the construction industry.


Drones can provide workers with sky-high views of a construction site in a few minutes or less. Not only does this save time for the workers, but it also saves construction companies a good amount of money.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The cost of developing robotics can be expensive, but the innovation can hold numerous benefits to the construction world. Machines with AI can now perform many of the same tasks as human workers and can also do more of the heavy lifting, helping to keep construction workers safe. Artificial intelligence also helps pick up the slack from the recent labor shortage.

Virtual Reality

With augmented reality, contractors can see a 3D image of what a building will look like once it’s completed. This allows for more accurate measurements and the ability to see underground structures, such as electrical cables. Virtual reality headsets can also be used for more extensive employee training.

Mobile Technology

Using mobile technology, workers can now share important development updates between each other with just the press of a button. Another recent trend is giving workers wearable technology. This can help keep them safe in the event of an accident. It also allows them to communicate more easily with their coworkers.

Construction Software

Certain software exists that allows general contractors and subcontractors to share blueprints and other important documents through a computer or mobile device. This saves time for each party involved and makes collaboration as smooth as possible. PlanHub is a cloud-based construction bidding software and online plan room that helps streamline construction projects for general contractors and subcontractors. To learn more about PlanHub and its benefits and to stay up to date on all the latest technology in the construction industry, contact us today!


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