Becoming an official and licensed subcontractor takes a tremendous amount of effort and a small touch of luck. The importance of the job requires earning the necessary certifications that take a number of lengthy steps. Many states have their own chosen criteria, but generally speaking, the going standard is hours of time spent in multiple prelicensure classes, passing a license test, and paying a registration fee to seal your status. However, even after that point, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to find consistent work. General contractors generally value experience more than youthful energy, which puts rookie subcontractors into a catch-22 situation. A lack of work in the past can restrict you from getting work in the future. You need more than talent to make it into the industry. You also need a way to access the entrenched network that makes finding jobs easier.

PlanHub Can Help

One of PlanHub’s primary goals is to be that access point. Our centralized construction management software is built specifically to help subcontractors improve their business and develop relationships with fellow professionals. Our software lowers the barrier for entry by offering a free version of the tools and several pricing options to further tailor the experience to each buyer’s needs. Workers can freely use our localized bidding system and discover construction projects in their area without worrying as much about the potential financial investment.

Increase Your Network with PlanHub’s Invite System

What makes PlanHub truly unique is the way the application opens lines of communication between subcontractors and general contractors. Users of our platform have access to contractor emails and an instant messaging system that brings project contractors and prospective workers closer together. This, combined with PlanHub’s online plan room, which provides users with all of the necessary project information they would ever need from a contractor to do the work efficiently, allows subcontractors to refine their skills and relationships with job posters in a less stressful environment. As you display your construction talents, general contractors can hire specific workers for projects in the future, bringing subcontractors into a productive cycle that puts money in their pockets and pride in their hearts. PlanHub makes it easier for all subcontractors to make their mark. To learn more about PlanHub and all of its many benefits, contact us today!


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