PlanHub Premier Feature Spotlight:  Qualification and Risk Management

Over and over, we’ve heard general contractors say that ensuring subs are qualified is one of the most time-consuming—and critical—tasks when gathering bids for new projects. That’s because hiring the wrong sub can bring unwanted risk to your business.

Introducing our new Qualification & Risk Management feature for General Contractors

Subcontractors have the ability to fill out a profile section that captures many of the questions general contractors might be interested in. If they have answered all the questions, they’ll be awarded a special badge that indicates that they have completed their risk management profile. 

With a PlanHub Premier membership, general contractors get even more capabilities, with the ability to actively review these risk-management profiles in detail to find out if a sub is qualified based on your particular requirements. Our Directory allows you to filter subs based on which sections of the profile have been completed—helping you narrow down your search for qualified subs more quickly.

Find more jobs. Grow revenue. Win Proposals

PlanHub Premier is the end-to-end pre-construction platform that makes it faster and easier than ever to estimate and win more deals — so you can build a better business at every touchpoint. To find out all the ways that a PlanHub Premier membership makes pre-construction fast, convenient, easy — and more profitable —from start to finish, schedule a demo today.

And, now PlanHub Premier is providing new ways to ensure you have the most qualified subs for any job.  Check out our quick tutorial video to see how it works.


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