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Collaborate and Conquer with PlanHub’s Messaging Center

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Construction, as they say, is not for loners… it’s a team activity. Whether you are networking with potential contacts, bidding on a new opportunity or collaborating on an existing project, working in the construction business means always needing to call, text or email someone. 

Unfortunately, most common methods of communication just don’t cut it in today’s fast-based construction world. From emails that don’t automatically refresh to messages that are clunky to compose and organize, the old ways of connecting are often holding us back from using our time efficiently.

Thankfully, you can stash away that rolodex, put down your flip phone and log out of that email account. PlanHub is ready to provide you with a game-changing new slate of tools designed to help you collaborate with more time-efficiency than ever before. It’s a new era for PlanHub users, and we’re kicking it off with the ultimate all-in-one communication tool: Messaging Center 2.0.

Get the Message Faster

Do I owe that contractor a call, or was I supposed to wait to hear from them? What’s the context of this message I just received? I’m sure they sent me that estimate yesterday, but was it in a text, email or one of my apps? I barely had a chance to glance at that important piece of feedback that landed in my inbox yesterday, so where the heck did it go?

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by disjointed conversations and incompatible tools and apps, PlanHub’s platform allows you to effortlessly collaborate in real time with coworkers and contacts, all in one place. Check or send messages one-by-one or in bulk (an amazing time-saver!), organize conversations to your liking, and manage files all in one place. 

Whether you are sending or receiving pricing information or project updates, disorganized communication can lead to catastrophic errors and delays. Messaging Center 2.0 is designed to ensure that you never misplace a memo by making it easy for you to send, read, save and categorize every message in a way that works best for you. 

Looking to stay on top of your work without actively staring at your laptop all day? With new message alerts and 24-7 access from your mobile device, you’ll never miss a beat (and to learn how PlanHub’s all-in-one platform streamlines the entire preconstruction process, check out our recent blog: “Optimizing Construction Productivity”.)

Enhanced Features

From the beginning, PlanHub has always explored the best possible ways for construction professionals to work together. Our platform has always offered innovative tools to help you connect with contacts and project partners, and our users’ feedback has been the driving force behind the cutting-edge features you need to take your communication to the next level. With PlanHub’s Messaging Center 2.0, you can:

  • Organize ConversationsSplit up chats into channels by project and teams, or arrange them in a customized fashion that works best for you
  • See Messages in Real Time – Never miss a message or waste time refreshing your email again. React and respond to important communication instantly to keep projects moving and keep yourself at the front of the line for new ones.
  • Send Group Messages – Collaborate with ease and keep your entire team updated on the latest and greatest projects, news and notes.
  • Manage and Send Documents – Effortlessly upload, send and save files needed to keep your workflow moving towards success.
  • Search with EaseEffortlessly search by project, company, file name, links, and more to find exactly what you need in seconds.
  • Edit Messages – We’re allowed to change our minds about ideas and decisions. Now you can change your messages right in PlanHub with Messaging Center 2.0. 
  • Label Company Contacts by Type – Categorize your company contacts so you can easily determine who to reach out to for a specific need.
  • Mark Messages as Read or Unread – Do you want to keep glanced-at messages top of mind, or remind yourself which messages you have or haven’t reviewed? In Messaging Center 2.0, you control when your messages should be considered read or unread.

Set Yourself Up For Success

In a project-based industry where collaboration is crucial, solid communication helps bring people and projects together..better. By combining your favorite functionality into one intuitive platform,, Messaging Center 2.0 is the perfect one-stop shop for your entire team’s communication needs. 

Even better, Messaging Center 2.0 is the first of an innovative series of tools that PlanHub is unveiling to help construction professionals collaborate more efficiently. With so many exciting developments on the horizon, why wait? Register today and start connecting with everyone you need to succeed!

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