Quality Subcontractors are Key to Successful Projects

September 22, 2021

Finding the right subcontractors for your project can be the most significant decision you make. Subcontractors can mean the difference between a financially successful project everyone can be proud of, or a litigation nightmare that lasts well beyond the timeline of the scheduled build.

Ultimately, the general contractor will bear the burden of responsibility for the work and actions of everyone involved on a project, so subcontractors are not only setting themselves up for failure if they aren’t up to par, they’re potentially affecting your bottom line and reputation. Fortunately, with proper due diligence and the use of tools like PlanHub, selecting quality subcontractors doesn’t have to be difficult.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Subcontractors

1. Properly Licensed and Insured

Choosing the right subcontractors isn’t always about getting the lowest bids. It should start with finding subcontractors who meet all of the licensing requirements. If necessary for the project, they should also be appropriately bonded and insured. Request to be provided with records of payroll as well to ensure their workers are legal employees and not individual subcontractors paid via cash payments or 1099s.

2. Safety Plan in Place

Safety on a construction site should be a top priority. Subcontractors need to have a written safety plan in place. Finding subcontractors with solid safety plans in place and a track record of safe worksites is a must on projects of any size to avoid liability.

3. Good Reviews

Finally, general contractors should look for subcontractors with good reviews who have a track record of working with the same general contractor or owner on multiple projects. This shows they know how to work with general contractors and are able to consistently meet both deadlines and expectations.

It’s a lot of extra work to research everyone who submits a bid, but thankfully you don’t have to do it all. PlanHub is here to help you every step of the way and we can match your company and your project with subcontractors who meet all of your requirements. To learn more about our software and how it can help you throughout your entire project, contact us today!


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