PlanHub Premier Feature Spotlight:  Smart Coverage

Making sure you have bid coverage is vital to pulling together an estimate for a project. But what happens when you’re short of the number you need? How can your estimators easily keep track when you can have multitudes of trades to cover?


More bids, the right bids — a smarter way to get coverage

PlanHub Premier created Smart Coverage to make it easier and faster than ever to get the coverage you demand. Smart Coverage goes beyond getting “enough” bids, to ensuring you have enough of the right bids. Right from your project dashboard, you can see an overview of your project’s bid status — which ones have no bids yet, which have 1-2 bids, and which have 3 or more.

There’s even more capabilities that are exclusive to PlanHub Premier members when you click on the bid status details. With a click, you can easily send a reminder to all the subs you’ve invited to bid, but who have not yet responded. Or, use a set of convenient filters to search the Directory for additional subs in or out of your personal network. Filter by trade, activity, bidding status, location, certifications, qualifications, and more. You can even use a group message to invite all the contractors in a specific search to respond. With PlanHub Premier, members can get full coverage faster, with the quality subs they need — and help you get your estimates submitted first.

Find more jobs. Win more bids. Grow revenue.

PlanHub Premier is the end-to-end preconstruction platform that makes it faster and easier than ever to estimate and win more deals — so you can build a better business at every touchpoint. To find out all the ways that a PlanHub Premier membership makes pre-construction fast, convenient, easy — and more profitable —from start to finish, schedule a demo today. 


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