What’s New: Faster project search has arrived

Product Update
March 30, 2022

Our Latest Update

Subcontractors can now find relevant projects faster with enhanced search and overall improved projects list performance.

The Issue

Finding the right projects for your business can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools to easily and quickly filter by trade, location, construction and project type, and bid due date. And you are not alone. 87% of subcontractors indicated that “Enhanced projects search and filter options” have a moderate to significant impact on their ability to find relevant projects. We heard you and improved our search capabilities. 

Check out how PlanHub has recently optimized its subcontractor project list to help you find projects faster, saving you endless search headaches and delay when planning for your next bid.

Update Features

Hooray Subcontractors! You will now be able to save time and increase performance when searching for active projects within your business coverage area. Here we have listed the key optimization advancements from Planhub’s newly enhanced project list for Subcontractors nationwide.  

Get the perks! Start Increasing your project search performance with..

  1. Faster Projects Lists upload
  2. Sorting & saving your favorite projects to bid
  3. Enhanced projects search and filter options
  4. Intuitive user-friendly page navigation  
  5. Easy to select project list pages

And much more!

Jumpstart to faster project search

Efficiently make use of PlanHub’s newly enhanced project search by logging in or create an account for free! Take advantage of hundreds of active projects; quickly filter projects by construction and project types, targeted location (by state, zip, and trades) saving you and your team time used towards your next bid!

Find products. Send unlimited bids. Grow relationships


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