Why Reviews are Important for Construction Businesses

General Contractors
September 18, 2019

With the advent of social media, reviews have a bigger impact on construction companies than ever before. One or two bad reviews won’t ruin your business, but too many will make future clients second guess working with you and possibly choose a competitor.

What Types of Reviews and Testimonials are Best for Construction Businesses?

Positive reviews about your prices, work ethic, and great team are what most general contractors and future clients are looking for. Choosing the right construction company is a big commitment that will impact the client for years to come, so they don’t want to get it wrong. By having glowing testimonials about how amazing you and your crew are, you’ll be one step closer to landing that contract.

Review Sites

Industry review sites are great for posting client testimonials, especially trusted sources like G2 Crowd or Capterra. Also, keep in mind the power of the Better Business Bureau. Future clients and general contractors will be checking your score to see how you stand up to the competition.


Have a dedicated spot on your website for reviews. Having a page dedicated to reviews where you take the time to thank people or address negative reviews will impress future clients.


You may have some clients who send a testimonial email response which won’t be visible on your site. If it’s a glowing review, you’ll want others to see! Ask the client’s permission if you can post the review on your site, even if it’s only one or two lines.

Requesting Reviews

When requesting reviews, try not to be too pushy, as you wouldn’t want to turn a potentially good review into a negative one. Asking in-person, especially at the end of a good job, or following up with an email are great ways to request reviews.

Only present or past clients should review your work and company. It’s a bad idea to review your own website. If people discover you are doing this, they’ll lose trust in you, and your company.

When Should Contractors/Projects Be Reviewed?

Ideally, reviews should be posted at the end of the project, but many reviewers are now posting periodically throughout the entire process. Ensure you’re on your A game from start to finish.

PlanHub is a web-based construction software dedicated to making your job easier by streamlining shared information between general contractors and subcontractors. To efficiently tackle your next project and ensure great reviews, contact us today for more information.



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