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Why General Contractors Should Embrace Cloud Technology

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Cloud applications have become the main way construction businesses deal with the challenges of versatility, productivity, and collaboration, especially when their employees are at multiple sites. Companies that integrate cloud technologies into their daily operations have discovered several advantages. You and your subcontractors can do the same in order to keep to deadlines, report potential issues, and track contracts from the initial presentation to the last task.

1. Access Every File Anywhere

There is no need to download files from your office computer onto your laptop or smart device to show a client. Nor do your subcontractors need to return to the office each night to add new data back into their computers. Current cloud technology implements an electronic method of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
This method allows multiple people in your organization to see the same information and update wherever needed. For instance, your consultants might add contact information and contract specifications to the cloud application through their iPad. Contract managers might see an information alert come through their phones and update the data with an appropriate bid. At the time of construction, subcontractors can update all parties at once on the project’s progress.

2. Increase Collaboration

One key to a business’ success is collaboration between departments. Cloud technology allows this to happen without consistent staff meetings.
With cloud applications, everyone can see the same data at once in real-time. From there, each participant can add or change items in a bid or the contract, detail the reasons for delay or fast-tracking, and work out differences they may have in a positive manner.
In addition to this enhanced collaboration, cloud technology permits you to introduce another important element: allowing team members to see the entire picture. This can change the way they work with others as well as increase their productivity and satisfaction at the company.

3. Eliminate Clutter

Regardless if it’s on the virtual or real desktop, clutter puts a project on hold when an important document can’t be found. Cloud-based ERP applications are built to separate the necessary information. Thus, bids have a harder time being confused with complete contracts, especially if the forms you use are customized to your needs.
PlanHub is a cloud-based software designed to help increase productivity, maintain deadlines, and increase revenue for both general contractors and subcontractors alike. For more information or to request a demo, contact us today!

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